Aaron Rodgers hasn’t spent the offseason with the Packers but has done his regular preseason routine just as he does every year. Last season’s MVP has been doing his Proactive Sports Performance training regimen for the past seven weeks and has been getting ready for the new season as he normally does, even though his future with the Packers is still not sorted.

Rodgers’ training regimen includes weight-room exercisesyogafield work, as well as sand dunes activities. It concluded this Saturday just as players were preparing to return to training camp with their respective teams. 

Future Still Not Sorted 

However, while most other players know the training camp they are returning to, Aaron Rodgers has still not announced whether he will rejoin his Packers teammates when the franchise opens its camp on Wednesday. 

A representative of Proactive Sports Performance said that Rogers was “working and he was ready”. However, that was never in doubt with a professional such as the three-time NFL MVP. 

One thing that’s still not clear, though, is whether Rodgers will change his stance and join his Green Bay teammates as he does each year. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported in April that Rodgers didn’t want to return to the Packers’ training camp. That’s the point at which things still seem to be. 

Could Have Been the Highest-Paid Player in the NFL 

The star quarterback wants to get an improved contract that will guarantee that the Packers don’t get rid of him after the 2021 season. Unfortunately, Rodgers and the Packers management are still far from reaching that agreement, despite Green Bay offering a two-year extension this offseason. 

If Rodgers accepted that contract extension, he would have remained with the Packers for five more seasons and become the highest-paid player in the NFL

However, the 37-year-old didn’t see the offer as good enough and didn’t think he got the assurances about his future in it. So, he continued to ignore the Packers’ calls and missed this summer’s voluntary OTAs (Organized Team Activities), the first time he has done that in his long NFL career. 

Activity-Packed Summer 

And his long and illustrious career must have also taught Rodgers that situations such as this one shouldn’t take away his focus too much from getting ready for the new season. Otherwise, how else would you explain Rodgers’ activity-packed summer? 

Rodgers spent the offseason as a guest host on “Jeopardy”, took part in an exhibition golf event together with Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, and was also on vacation in Hawaii.  

In other words, while the Packers’ hierarchy must be frantically trying to get the situation sorted before it is too late, Rodgers has probably left his agent with clear instructions of what he wants and is getting ready for the season as usual, wherever he may start it.   

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