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betr Sportsbook Launches In Australia

Matt Tripp, the head of Australia’s latest betting brand is confident that his company betr has what it takes to take on the traditional bookmakers in Australia.

“We believe we can compete with any other operator” said Mr Tripp while speaking at a press conference earlier this week ahead of their expected launch date next October 12th 2022 ahead of the Australian Spring Carnival (horse racing) where they will offer point-to-point wagers both locally as well internationally.

Sports betting is big business globally. In the UK there is Sky BET show that owning both media and gambling companies can work well for you. They own most of their rights to broadcast games from various leagues such as Premier League or La Liga amongst others! A similar story could be told about FOX Bet themselves; though I’m sure everyone knows what happened next… NBC Sports has teamed up with Pointsbet too which will allow American viewers even more opportunities when it comes time place wagers on either side during live events.

It is hard to say what will happen with the “other” Australian betting sites like Sportsbet. However, it seems likely that advertising may become much more difficult if media brands also own their own gambling agencies.

It could kick off an arms race for both sides (media and sportsbooks) Whatever comes next, one thing is for sure. The sportsbook brands in Australia are heating up.