betr Sportsbook Launches In Australia

Matt Tripp, the head of Australia’s latest betting brand is confident that his company betr has what it takes to take on the traditional bookmakers in Australia. “We believe we can compete with any other … Read more

Disney to go into Sports Betting

Disney to Go Into Sports Betting

Disney is contemplating going into sports betting but is yet to decide how it will do it and which platform it will use. During the press conference about Disney’s third-quarter results, Disney CEO Bob Chapek told a … Read more

Best Sportsbook Promo Code of the Week

Sportsbook Promo Code of the Week

This week’s best sportsbook promo code this week is definitely one to take advantage of! Each week we scour the top sportsbooks hunting down the very best promo codes available so that you can get … Read more

Understanding Sports Betting Types

Understanding Sports Betting Types

When you are new to sportsbetting, all the different betting types available can become very daunting quickly! I was in the same position as you a few years ago when betting became legal in my … Read more

How to Place a Bet in New York

how to bet online in new york

As states continue to legalize sports betting, more and more bookmakers are beginning to emerge. With New York recently legalizing online sports betting, it’s no wonder that many of the major sportsbooks have jumped into … Read more

How to Make an Online Sports Bet

How to make an online sports bet

More and more sportsbooks are appearing as states continue to legalize sports betting. The good news is that you no longer have to drive to a physical sportsbook to place a sports bet; there are … Read more