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CeeDee Lamb Next Violation Will Cost Him Close to $50,000

CeeDee Lamb, the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, is either the unluckiest player in the NFL or doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Or the NFL likes to slap him with silly fines. Lamb has been fined for two uniform violations (his shirt being untucked) and a wave

His uniform violations have cost him more than $20,000, and that’s more than Aaron Rodgers had to pay for breaching NFL Covid protocols. The Green Bay Packers quarterback had to pay $14,650 for appearing maskless during his press duties.

Third Uniform Violation Will Cost Lamb $46,350

When asked whether the fines annoyed him, Lamb said that they didn’t, but that they confused him a lot. He thought that he was always the one getting fined and that he was surprised that there was an untucked shirt offense, and that you could be fined several times for that.

The Cowboys wide receiver was fined $5,150 because of that uniform violation on 27 September in the Philadelphia Eagles game. He also had to pay a $14,450 penalty for the same offense against the Panthers, the week after. If he violates the uniform rules again, Lamb will have to pay $46,350.

Will Be More Careful From Now On

The player said that he didn’t know what he needed to do and that he was now much more conscious about the way he wore his uniform. He added that after tackles, he probably had to look down and pull his jersey down. He also said that he was sure to do that as if he was fined again for the same violation he could pay close to $50,000.

Lamb was adamant that he wore his uniform the same way he did when he was a rookie, but that somehow he didn’t get fines back then. However, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t learned from his mistakes as he went on to say that he was now talking to the uniform inspector before each game and that he hasn’t been fined the previous two games, which was good.

Might Not Like Money

CeeDee Lamb also talked about his teammate Amari Cooper joking that the wide receiver “must not like money.” Lamb said that he understood where his teammate was coming from and that he would say that too if it were another player getting constantly fined and not him. However, he reassured the interviewer that he loved money, saying that for those that don’t know, he did like money.

Another thing that perplexed Lamb was why Harrison Smith, the Minnesota Vikings’ safety, wasn’t fined for choking him, and that he was being penalized for waving. The referee said at the time that Smith’s thumb was stuck in Lamb’s helmet, and Lamb said that what the ref said was “nonsense,” as he knew how it felt to be choked.

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