The Indianapolis Colts shocked the Buffalo Bills by defeating them 41-15 in Week 11. However, the surprise win was not the only reason why the final score of the game was trending on Twitter. The 41-15 Colts’ win was the first time a score like that was seen in the NFL, a feat called Scorigami.

However, the final score of the Colts – Bills game was not the first Scorigami of the season. It was also not the first unique result for the Colts. Amazingly, the 41-15 triumph was the second Scorigami Colts notched in three weeks. The previous one came when they defeated the Jets 45-30 in Week 9.

A Dedicated Scorigami Twitter Account

Scorigamis, unique scores that have never been recorded in NFL history, are becoming rarer with every NFL game being played. So, for the Colts to get two unique NFL scores in three weeks was quite the ‘achievement’.

The idea of the Scorigami and tracking unique NFL scores was created by SB Nation writer Jon Bois a while back. The concept got quite popular with fans and the Twitter account that deals with Scorigamis has more than 275,000 followers. And the Colts have been a constant feature with the Scorigami Twitter account these past few weeks. 

It Almost Didn’t Happen

The 41-15 win was the 1,070th unique final score in NFL history and the fourth one of the season. However, the Colts’ second Scorigami of the season almost didn’t happen.

The score was 38-7 at the start of the fourth quarter. If the game ended like that, the Colts’ win would have shocked quite a few, as it was one of the biggest upsets of the week, but it wouldn’t have produced a Scorigami. In fact, the 38-7 score had already happened 45 times before the Colts-Bills game.

As the game progressed and the Bills scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion, the result changed to 38-15. You don’t see that result very often, but it has already happened five times before the Week 11 game. So, fans wouldn’t have witnessed a Scorigami if the game ended with the 38-15 result either.

A Field Goal that Secured the Scorigami

However, with six-plus minutes on the clock left, up came Michael Badgley to score a decent 35-yard field goal. That meant that the final score was 41-15, and that was something that had never happened before in NFL history.

So, the Colts are turning into Scorigami masters this season. But how does this season rank compared to previous ones when it comes to unique NFL results? 

Interestingly, there were twelve unique NFL final scores last season compared to the four recorded in the 2021 NFL season thus far. However, as we already mentioned, the number of unique results that have never happened before becomes smaller each year. The Colts seem bent on reducing that number even further and have removed two unique final-score options in just three weeks. That’s pretty impressive, we are sure you will agree.

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