The Washington Football Team will officially unveil its brand new name and logo to the public on Feb. 2, along with team president Jason Wright and other Washington legends. However fans may not have to wait all the way until that date to know the actual new name of the Washington football team. So far the team has let fans know that RedWolves or Wolves will 100% not be a part of the new team name. But what if Washington’s new name has already been leaked?

During a teaser video of the release date of the name and logo, president Jason Wright may have accidentally leaked the new name below.

Above is a screenshot of the teaser video where it clearly shows the Washington Commanders concept logo sitting on the lap of President Wright. The logo matches the circle format on the uniform as well. Washington will also be releasing brand new uniforms and a first all-black helmet, the NFL has allowed teams to now wear 2 helmets during the season starting in 2022.

Could this all be a tease to build hype? or will the Commanders be coming to the NFL world come 2022? At the moment, everything points to the Washington Commanders joining the NFC East next season. Are you a fan of the possible name? Let us know what names you would name the Washington Football Club.

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