Going into Super Bowl LVI it was rumoured that if the Los Angeles Rams won the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Aaron Donald might retire. The 30-year-old was voted Defensive Player of the Year three times in his career and many consider him to be one of the best defenders in NFL history. 

So it is fair to say that Rams fans who were delighted with their team’s second-ever Super Bowl triumph, were also quite concerned that they now might lose an integral part of that team.

However, during the Rams’ championship parade, Donald had some good news for his fans. The defensive tackle seemed to confirm that he would continue playing next season but under one condition – the Rams must bring the whole gang back, including Odell Beckham and Von Miller.

Donald: “We Bring Everybody Back I’m Back”

When coach Sean McVay told Donald to “run it back” during the parade, referring to the Rams winning the Super Bowl again next year, Donald responded by saying that they had built a super team and if they could bring all the players back for next season they could indeed run it back and be champions of the world again.

That was a pretty clear answer from Donald. However, reporters wanted to confirm what the defensive tackle had said. So, after the parade, TMZ asked the same question while Donald was in his car leaving. The defensive tackle said that he was going to enjoy the moment, but that if the Rams brought everyone back, he would be back too.

Donald added that if the team got back together and if the Rams managed to bring back Odell Beckham and Von Miller for next season, he would do the same and the Rams would go for another world championship title.

Difficult Deals to Negotiate

Both Von Miller and Odell Beckham arrived midseason in Los Angeles and will be free agents soon. Odell Beckham injured his knee during the second quarter of the Super Bowl match against the Cincinnati Bengals, but that won’t be the biggest issue when it comes to bringing him back for yet another season. 

The LA Rams have some serious salary cap problems, and it will be very difficult to keep all of their Super Bowl winners for next season too. However, if there’s one person in the world who can do that, that’s Les SneadLA Rams’ general manager

What we know for now is that there’s a decent chance that we have not seen the last of Aaron Donald yet and that he will try to go for back-to-back Super Bowl wins next year. If the Rams manage to bring the gang together, those chances will increase even further.   

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