Drew Brees has just announced that he has retired from professional football after playing his last season with the New Orleans Saints. However, one of the best quarterbacks in recent years didn’t waste any time finding a new job.

The player who spent 20 years in the NFL announced that he will become an NBC broadcaster less than 24 hours after he made his NFL retirement official. 

Brees made the announcement on NBC’s Today Show, telling his new coworkers that he will join them as a football analyst for the NBC Sports broadcast team.

Excited About His New Career

Brees said that he was delighted to be part of a new team and that he was excited about his new journey. He revealed that he was particularly happy that despite changing careers, he was still closely connected to the game of football.

Brees added that he would continue to talk about football, as well as show his passion for the game and bring his kids along for the ride.

Will Cover Football and Non-Football Events

The former Saints quarterback and a guaranteed future Hall of Famer will be a studio analyst for “Football Night in America. In addition to that, Brees will cover Notre Dame football and will be heavily involved in NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl LVI in 2022. His career as a broadcaster will also involve working on non-football events such as the Olympics.

The chairman of NBC Sports Group, Pete Bevacqua, said that they were excited to have Drew on their team. He added that they were sure that Brees would apply the same work ethic as he did when he was a player and would continue to be a positive influence on the NBC Sports team.

Drew Brees’ job as an NBC broadcaster was the worst kept secret in New Orleans, as everyone knew that the player had an open invitation to join NBC’s sports coverage team when he retired. 

His new commitment is now official and Saints fans can now look forward to a post-Brees period that will still feature their favorite player, this time in the NBC studio, not down on the field. 

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