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Green Bay Packers 2021 NFL Odds

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been the talk of the town this offseason, but it seems the drama has undoubtedly all come to an end now. Rodgers will be playing for one more final season in the famous Packers green and gold. With the news the 37-year-old will come back for his 17th season, the odds have changed dramatically for the Packers in every betting category. However, are they worth betting on knowing Rodgers is coming out for his last dance? Let’s take a look at the new Green Bay Packers 2021 Betting odds. 

Green Bay Packers New Odds 

This is no ordinary player taking the field for the 2021 season. The three-time MVP can change any future odds within a snap of a finger. And he did just that by showing up to training camp on Monday. The Packers’ Super Bowl odds have jumped from +1600 to +1200. Green Bay went from being outside the elite teams to now tied with the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, and San Francisco 49ers for the third-best odds in the NFL. The only teams with better odds coming into the season would be last year’s Super Bowl participants, the Kansas City Chiefs +400, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650. 

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Looking at the conference as a whole, the Packers moved from +800 to +550 to capture the NFC crown. Last year, the Packers lost to Tampa Bay in the NFC title game. Tampa Bay is the lone favorite at +310 to win the NFC this 2021 NFL season. The most significant change in odds comes in the NFC North. The Kings of the north or the Packers have reclaimed the favorites to win the division at -120 odds with Rodgers back on the field. While Rodgers was away, the Minnesota Vikings were the favorites at -165 but now have dropped back to +260 odds. There isn’t any good reason to talk about the other teams in that division, as they will be struggling all year long. 

With Aaron Rodgers back on the field for Green Bay, will this be a successful last dance for #12? Or are the Vikings at +260 to steal the division a great play? Stay tuned for our complete divisional predictions before the start of the 2021 NFL season.