The Miami Dolphins seem to have made their mind when it comes to the running back position. They didn’t sign a running back and didn’t opt to go for one in the NFL draft too.  

That means that Myles Gaskin might soon become the Dolphins’ starting running back. However, the 24-year-old isn’t thinking about his starting berth or the Dolphins’ pecking order right now and is instead focusing on doing his job

Above His Pay Grade 

Gaskin told the Miami Herald that he wouldn’t comment on whether he will start as running back next season or not. He said that the issue was above his pay grade and that whatever the people upstairs decided, he was sure that it would be the best for the team

He went on to say that drafting another back or signing one wouldn’t change anything for him as he was only trying to compete with himself. His focus was to be the best running back he could be and be up for the challenge when camp started a couple of months from now.   

Dolphins Confident Gaskin is the Right RB Option 

The Dolphins had the chance to select a running back in the NFL draft with their No. 18 overall pick. However, they opted to strengthen their defense and went with Jaelan Phillips.  

The Miami-based franchise only picked a back in Gerrid Doaks very late in the draft, in the seventh round, and that underscores their belief that Gaskin can start as a running back next season. 

This assumption that the Dolphins are happy with their roster is also along the lines with what coach Brian Flores has been saying recently. He said that the coaching staff liked the current Dolphins group and they were excited to work with them. Head coach Flores warned his players that they had to put the work in, though, as success didn’t just happen. 

Hoping for an Injury-Free 2021 Season 

Gaskin had to battle with COVID-19 and injury in the 2020 season in which he played 10 games, rushed for 584 yards on 142 carriers, and scored three touchdowns. He hopes to stay healthy in 2021 and improve those numbers significantly, though. 

The Dolphins running back said that he was proud of how he handled his recovery from injury and that he only missed a couple of games last season.  

However, he would have been happier if he didn’t miss any games next season as he was aware that missing those couple of games in 2020 hurt himself and the team. To prevent this from happening again, he said that he would try to take care of his body and work on a lot of things so that injuries didn’t come back again this season. 

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