The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets played on Black Friday, the most highly anticipated shopping day of the year, and for the first time in NFL history, with the game being shown on Amazon’s Prime Video platform.  

However, the streaming giant doesn’t want the Dolphins-Jets duel to be a one-off and has been urging the NFL to turn it into an annual event, as is the case with the three Thanksgiving games which have been taking place for almost 90 years now.

A Chance to Innovate

Prime Video VP Jay Marine said that the Black Friday game was “a perfect marriage” for Amazon and the NFL, they were going all-in with the game he described as “a huge event” for Prime Video.

One of those pushing for a Black Friday game from within the NFL is Hans Schroeder, Executive Vice President of NFL Media. He said that they were contemplating adding a Black Friday game to be played after the three Thanksgiving matches for some time. Each match in the Thanksgiving three-game program has ranked among the most-watched games of the season for two consecutive years.

Schroeder looked at the Black Friday game as “an opportunity to innovate with Amazon,” as Prime Vision’s achievements in data analysis and AI predictability had already made games better for fans using the platform. He said the NFL was excited that Prime Vision was able to provide a different viewing experience from what NFL fans were used to, making the Black Friday game unique.

Combining NFL Action with the Black Friday Shopping Experience

One thing that will definitely make the Black Friday game unique is that it will be available for fans for free, and there will be a QR code that people will be able to scan if they want to get some of the Black Friday promo deals. 

Four major promotions will be shown during the game each year, one in each quarter, and there will be lots of shopping opportunities before and after the game and during the halftime break.

Play-by-play sportscaster Al Michaels, who will call the Dolphins-Jets game, said that he was fascinated by the idea of combining a free-to-watch NFL game with Black Friday shopping, calling the concept “a brand new frontier” which could turn out to be “spectacular.”