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NFL Parlay Picks Wild Card Round

Nothing beats winning a Same Game Parlay while watching an NFL game at the same time. There are several player prop bets and lines to pick from, but rather than doing it on your own time, our NFL staff of experts has gone through each game with meticulous study and discovered the best SGP plays for the Wild Card Round!

Saturday Wild Card Football

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers

  • Kenneth WalkerAnytime Touchdown Scorer
  • 65+Kenneth Walker Alternate Rushing Yards
  • 65+Tyler Lockett Alternate Receiving Yards

Los Angeles Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Travis EtienneAnytime Touchdown Scorer
  • Over 47.5 Total Points
  • Austin EkelerAnytime Touchdown Scorer

Sunday Wild Card Football

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

  • Over 28.5 BUF Bills Total Points
  • BUF Bills / BUF Bills Half Time / Full Time
  • Stefon Diggs Anytime Touchdown Scorer
  • Josh Allen Anytime Touchdown Scorer

New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings

  • Over 2.5 MIN Vikings Total Touchdowns
  • MIN Vikings 1st Quarter (3 Way)
  • Over 48.5 Alternate Total Points

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

  • Over 2.5 CIN Bengals Total Touchdowns
  • CIN Bengals 1st Half (3 Way)
  • Under 40.5 Alternate Total Points