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NFL Week 2 Can’t Lose Parlay +444 odds: 4-Team Favorite Play

NFL betting is not complete without a parlay you are so confident in you might as well call it the Can’t Lose Parlay. We have four teams in week two that should be able to break the bank and win you big. Let’s ride together below.

Chicago Bears ML

Cincinnati gave up 336 yards last week to the Minnesota Vikings. This is the time for Andy Dalton, Justin Fields, or whoever is in the QB spot to take charge and win for the home crowd. If the Bears lose here, we will never ride with Chicago ever again.

Buffalo Bills ML

Buffalo dropped over 80 points in two games against the Dolphins last year. Now imagine them with a chip on their shoulder. Buffalo exposes the Dolphins again.

Kansas City Chiefs ML

Patrick Mahomes is undefeated against the Baltimore Ravens. That’s all you need to know.

Pittsburgh Steelers ML

Imagine trying to play against a team who is still hungover after their historic week one Monday Night football win. Steelers crush the Raiders.

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