There were reports recently that Kyler Murray, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, is self-centred and immature. The reports that surfaced on February 14 on Instagram said that people at the club felt Murray didn’t have the leadership skills needed to be a franchise quarterback and that he was immature. Needless to say, the reports could have caused lots of problems in the desert. However, the drama was short-lived. 

According to Jane Slater from the NFL Network, both Murray and the Cardinals have the same goals and are on the same page. The reporter said that everything was “copacetic” between the Cardinals and the former No. 1 pick on the NFL draft.

The situation was so good that both parties are reportedly engaged in talks for Murray to sign a long-term deal or for the Cardinals to exercise the fifth-year option in his contract. The quarterback is in the last year of his rookie contract.

Cardinals Were Reportedly Unhappy with Murray’s Leadership Skills

However, only ten days ago, it seemed like things were getting out of hand in Arizona. Mike Garafolo from the NFL Network reported on February 14, that the Cardinals were hoping that the quarterback would soon become more mature and a better leader

The example the reporter cited was that Colt McCoy, the backup quarterback, and not Kyler Murray finished the wild-card game against the Rams, a game the Cardinals lost.

Before Garafolo released his report, Murray removed all Cardinals references from his Instagram account. Interestingly, the Cardinals soon followed suit and cleansed their own Instagram account, leaving only two posts, the same number as Murray’s account displayed. 

Back then, Murray used social media to say how he felt about the whole thing. He said that he played football for the love of the game and his teammates, as well as everyone that believed in him. 

He claimed that the “nonsense” that was written was not what he was about, never was, and never would be. Murray added that people who said those things knew nothing about how hard he tried on the field and said: 

“Love me or hate me but I’m going to continue to grow and get better.”

Cardinals: We are Happy that Murray is the Quarterback Leading Us

Fortunately for both Murray and the Cardinals, the whole situation deescalated pretty quickly. And in all honesty, it never really seemed like things would get worse. 

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Cardinals released an official statement saying that nothing had changed their opinion and high regard for their quarterback. They added that the team and Murray improved together each year and they were excited to continue improving in 2022, emphasizing that Kyler Murray would lead the team next season.

Murray didn’t have the best of seasons but still managed to string three seasons in a row in which he notched 3,700+ passing yards and 24+ touchdowns. He also earned a Pro Bowl spot for the second time in his career.

With the air cleared, the Cardinals and Murray can now move forward and focus on the season ahead. 

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