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Odell Beckham Jr. and LA Rams May Strike a Deal Soon

Odell Beckham Jr. will have to wait for his return to the field and it is still not clear if he will make that return in an LA Rams uniform. However, according to Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network, there is a desire on both sides to conclude a deal and sort Odell Beckham’s future sooner rather than later.

Rapoport claims that, if all goes well with his recovery, Beckham should return to action in November. What should excite Rams fans even more, though, is Rapoport’s claim that there was “mutual interest” to strike a deal that would keep Beckham in LA for the 2022 season.

Found a Home in Los Angeles

Beckham’s career took a sharp turn for the better when he joined the Rams and quickly made people forget about his chaotic departure from Cleveland. And even though Beckham said that he would have wanted to have some sort of closure for his time spent with the Browns, he was more than happy to have found a home in Los Angeles.

He was so happy, in fact, that in an interview with nfl.com, conducted two days before Super Bowl LVI, he claimed that he would agree to a pay cut just to stay with the Rams beyond the Super Bowl.

Beckham was one of the best players for the Rams at the start of the most important game of the season and would have been a strong Super Bowl MVP contender had he not torn his ACL before half-time.

ACL Injury Means Rams Will Save Some Money Too

If Beckham hadn’t injured his knee, he would have also been able to get some pretty enticing contract offers because he is a free agent. However, now that Beckham won’t be able to play a full 2022 season, his options have become somewhat limited. And, strangely enough, that injury could actually benefit the Rams, particularly when it comes to their negotiating position.

They can now expect to broker a better deal for them than they originally expected. Needless to say, the Rams would have had to pay big money to keep a fit Beckham for another season.

Fit for the Playoffs

So, with Beckham interested in extending his stay in Los Angeles, it is now easier for the Rams to plan for the season ahead. They were pretty thin in the wide receiver department and would have needed another quality player they could field opposite Cooper Kupp. 

Fortunately for them, Beckham’s interest in staying on for another season changes all of that. Sure, the Rams won’t have Beckham for the entirety of the season. However, they will be able to field him in the playoffs. And that’s the part of the season that matters the most for the Rams.

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