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Rams Coach Sean McVay Regrets Jared Goff Trade Treatment

Sean McVay regrets that he didn’t handle Jared Goff’s trade to the Detroit Lions better. The Los Angeles Rams coach admitted that he wished there was better communication between Jared Goff and himself before the quarterback was traded to the Lions last offseason. 

After Goff was traded to the Lions, he said that the Rams “have blindsided him” with the transfer. He was not happy that his former team didn’t give him a heads up about the move and that neither one of McVay and general manager Les Snead talked to him prior to the trade. 

McVay Regrets Lack of Communication 

When the Jarred Goff – Matthew Stafford trade was announced, McVay chose to remain silent about the move. However, this weekend the coach opened up about the deal and regretted he didn’t handle it better.  

McVay admitted that the situation wasn’t perfectly handled on his end and that if there ever was a thing that he wished he had done better, Goff’s move to the Lions would be one. 

The coach said that even though the Lions deal was concluded faster than anyone had expected and that the Rams didn’t have much time to inform Goff, it was never good catching players off guard like that. 

He conceded that with big decisions such as the Goff one, you have to be “as emphatic as possible” and try to see how the other person would feel. McVay admitted that if he ever faced a similar decision, he would “do it a little bit differently.” 

The coach concluded his statement about Goff by saying that he hoped for a warm welcome for the player that had spent five years with the Rams and got them to the Super Bowl

A Brilliant Move for the Rams 

Sean McVay may regret how he handled the Goff trade, and if the Rams felt bad about the move during the offseason, they certainly don’t regret it now.  

Goff and his Detroit Lions side have been awful this season, and are the only team still without a win in the NFL. Moreover, Lions coach Dan Campbell has called out Goff as one of the players that need to improve their performances. Goff’s 6.3 yards per attempt are the lowest number of yards quarterbacks have recorded in the NFL this season. 

On the other hand, by shipping Goff to Detroit, the Rams have got rid of his large contract (and sent two first-round picks to Detroit) and brought Matthew Stafford. That has resulted in a 5-1 start to the season. Stafford was instrumental since joining the Rams and has thrown for 1,838 passing yards, has 16 touchdowns, a 69.5 completion rate, and boasts 9.2 yards per attempt.