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Tom Brady on the Cusp of the Most Impressive Record Yet

Tom Brady has broken record after record in his illustrious NFL career. However, there was one achievement that remained elusive for Brady and was a record that people thought was impossible for the seven-time Super Bowl winner to break. However, that’s no longer the case.

So what achievement has eluded the most decorated player in NFL history? The record is that of most playoff wins by a starting quarterback against NFC teams

Favre’s 12 Wins Within Reach After Only Two Seasons in the NFC

Brady has only been in the NFC for two seasons, so nobody expected him to break the record when he joined Tampa. However, fast-forward two years and Brady is only two wins away from equaling Brett Favre’s record of 12 wins against NFC teams in the playoffs.

What would make Brady’s achievement even more impressive is the fact that he would collect more playoff wins against NFC teams than players who spent their entire careers in the NFC. He could do that after only three seasons of playing there. 

In addition to Favre, the list of Hall of Famers that have spent most of their careers in the NFC includes the likes of Joe Montana and Troy Aikman. So, to say that Brady would once again achieve the unthinkable would be an understatement.

Brady Can Break the Record This Season

In the list of most playoff wins by a starting quarterback against NFC teams, Favre is followed by Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. They all have 10 such wins.

That means that both Brady and Aaron Rodgers have a chance to break the record, and can do that as early as this season. So, if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers start the postseason in the wild-card round and the two teams get to the Super Bowl, the quarterback that wins the big game will also get his name in the NFL record books as the starting quarterback with most playoff wins against NFC teams.

But how did Brady get so close to breaking this impossible record? Well, his six Super Bowl triumphs with the Patriots definitely helped. With them, he was already at 6 wins even before he joined the NFC.

When he came to Florida, he added three more wins to that tally in his first season as the Bucs won the Super Bowl. Last year, he notched another triumph before the Bucs lost to the LA Rams in the divisional round.

Leads the Charts in Overall Playoff Wins

So, Brady is on course to break the most unexpected of records after only three full seasons in the NFC. But how do his overall playoff wins stack up against his rivals? Well, that’s where you see the true greatness of Tom Brady.

The 44-year-old has 35 playoff wins in his career, and that’s an NFL record. How far behind is the next quarterback on that list? Quite a lot. Joe Montana is second with 16 overall wins, meaning Brady has more than double the wins of the second-best quarterback in that category. Quite impressive.

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