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Tom Brady Recovery is Going Well Says Buccs General Manager

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans have had a lot to be cheerful about recently. The latest news coming from the Buccs’ camp will keep them in that buoyant mood as it is equally positive. 

According to Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht, Tom Brady’s recovery from his recent knee surgery is going “very well.”

Minor, Pre-Planned Surgical Procedure

Tom Brady had to undergo minor surgery on his left knee during the offseason. The issue was always described as more of a niggly injury than anything else, but when it’s Brady’s health on the line, Buccs fans will always be worried.

However, Licht’s recent comments will be music to Buccs fans ears. The Buccs general manager said that he spoke to Brady last week and that the star quarterback was progressing well.

Licht didn’t want to put an exact timeline on when Brady will start training in full capacity as he didn’t want to set expectations one way or the other. However, from what he knew there were a lot of positive signs.

A source close to the player told ESPN that Brady had been playing with the injury for some time and that he was waiting for the season to end to go through with the surgical procedure.

Back by June

It seems like the Buccs won’t rush to get Brady involved in any offseason workouts. Coach Bruce Arians recently said that Brady might not even need those workouts and that the quarterback could be ready for 7-on-7 drills by June.

Brady doesn’t seem to want to rush back from surgery either. He hasn’t spoken much about the procedure he had in late February, but he is probably aware that there’s no point in going for an early return to the field, and that at his age he could do more harm than good if he rushes things.

Therefore, he has opted to spend most of his time kicking back with friends. Last month, his friend Dave Grutman posted an Instagram video in which Brady throws a football to David Beckham while they are all relaxing on the beach. That’s one way to recover from a surgical procedure.

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