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Washington Football Team Has a Shortlist of Three New Names 

Washington Football Team, even though descriptive, is not the most glamorous of names for an NFL team. The people running the DC-based franchise know this and have decided to give the team a new name starting from the 2022 season. However, there is a catch. No one knows what that new name will be.

A Shortlist of Three New Names 

Washington Football Team president Jason Wright recently tweeted that the franchise has narrowed down its search to three new names. However, Wright didn’t say which names they were considering. Instead, he shared a post listing eight names. These were in a video the Washington franchise produced and which was part of the Making the Brand series. 

The eight names that appeared in that video were: 

  1. Armada 
  1. Brigade 
  1. Commanders 
  1. Defenders 
  1. Presidents 
  1. Red Hogs 
  1. Red Wolves 
  1. WFT 

So, one would think that Washington Football Team fans finally had something to work with. Well, not quite. Wright dashed fans’ hopes they might guess the new name by saying that the new name may be on that list of eight names, but it may also not be included in the list. He also didn’t say whether any of the names in the video were in the three-name shortlist the franchise was mulling over. 

A Name That’s Two Years in the Making 

The Washington Football Team changed its name going into the 2020 NFL season and has been thinking about a new one for almost two years. It will continue to use its current name – Washington Football Team in the 2021 season, and will only start playing under the new name from 2022

When it changed the name, the franchise immediately let fans know that it wasn’t final and that they would gather input from their fanbase before making their decision. 

Unfortunately for Washington Football Team fans, the process moved at a snail’s pace and oftentimes it seemed like nothing was happening. However, despite the renaming process not being the fastest one, Wright was determined to keep fans informed about what was happening at every step of the way. 

So, when the Front Office Sports Twitter account posted that the three names Washington Football Team were considering were included in the Making the Brand video, Jason Wright felt it was his duty to tell fans that wasn’t the case, and that the only thing that was true in that post was that they were down to three names. 

That means Washington Football Team fans are no nearer to guessing whether they will be rooting for the Washington Armada, Washington Red Hogs, or a team bearing a completely different name from the ones listed. 

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