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Last Updated Apr 30, 2024, 4:48 PM
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  • The Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a safe, trustworthy, and well-known bookmaker.
  • Their live betting lines are reasonably priced and can be boosted.
  • Their casino integration makes it effortless to move between iGaming and sports betting.
  • Cluttered website design is focused heavily on the casino side of things.
  • A limited number of sports to bet on
  • The welcome bonus is on the lower end compared to other sites.

Golden Nugget Review

Golden Nugget, most well-known for its luxurious hotel/casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, is rising in the online sports betting industry.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook has hit the ground running since it launched in February 2019 and only keeps improving. The company is owned by Tilman Fertitta, who also owns the Houston Rockets. However, thankfully his sports betting site is much better organized than his NBA franchise.

Though it’s a great site for casual sports bettors and gamblers looking to wager on popular sporting events, more advanced sports bettors may have some issues with using this primarily online casino-focused site.

The Golden Nugget Sportsbook app and site are available for customers 21 and up in Nevada and New Jersey. However, Golden Nugget is also looking to expand its services into other states. These include West Virginia and Michigan, which seem to be next on the list. Other notable future expansion states include Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Colorado.

For the time being, our Golden Nugget Sportsbook review will go through the platform’s features in detail, including their current offers.

Sign up Bonus

Bonus Bet

App Store Rating:
3.4 (Android), 3.1 (IOS)
Golden Nugget Betting States

Here’s how it works: make your first bet, and if you lose, Golden Nugget will refund you up to $100 in Free Bets.

The Golden Nugget’s sign-up bonus isn’t a sign-up bonus since it’s a risk-free bet for new customers that isn’t risk-free when you read the small print.

If a new player’s first bet loses, they are eligible to receive $100 in free bets. Free bets, on the other hand, must be wagered. You can’t simply get your cash back after making a losing wager; instead, you’ll have to win it back. The fact that it’s only set at $100 reveals that this sportsbook is meant for casual bettors rather than high rollers who wager thousands of dollars at once.

Deposit Free Bet Bonus Requirement

Bonus type:Free
Bet Maximum:$100
Based on:Initial Bet Amount
Play Through:1 X Wager
Availability:Within 72 hours of the closed bet
Expiration:90 Days

How Does This Free Bet Bonus Work?

Let’s assume you have a one hundred dollar bill on your favorite sports team to win against their bitter rivals. But are you sure they can do it? (For example, the Buffalo Bills vs. The Los Angeles Rams.) Buying insurance on that wager with this bonus may appear appealing. However, there is still a chance the Rams will lose, and you cannot recoup the total $100 you wagered.

This bonus has a time limit of 90 days to use the free bets, and you cannot withdraw the funds immediately.

Unlike other online sportsbooks, you can bet on the next odds with no restrictions. Although you won’t be given the free bet amount after betting, only your winnings will be rewarded. And if your free bet loses tough luck.

So, let’s assume you want to get your whole hundred dollars back. You could wager on EVEN odds, typically used for coin flip games in which you have a 50% chance of getting your full money back.

A team with -200 odds is more likely to win, but you wouldn’t get your complete $100 back–just $50 from the winnings. On the other hand, if you bet on a team with +100 odds, you could get back your entire $100 in winnings, though it’s worth noting that these teams are typically underdogs and have less chance of winning overall.

We’re only setting the bar lower and giving you more realistic expectations, so you don’t end up disappointed. However, it’s better to have something than nothing.


You may discover the bonuses at Golden Nugget Sportsbook through the promotions page. There are ten or more bonuses to choose from at any time, with ten or more available daily. The most consistent bonus is a daily higher odds boost.

Golden Nugget draws players in every day by making the odds too tempting to ignore. While the boosts aren’t huge, they are placed on betting lines that are more likely to succeed. Take a look at the following example.

Tom Brady’s performance at the end of most seasons is excellent, meaning that if you bet on him, you’re likely to win and earn some money.

Just like playing the odds, you can also get a boost on your parlay bets at the Golden Nugget sportsbook.

Golden Nugget offers a 20% boost on 20-selection parlays for maven parlay bettors. Although the likelihood of placing a successful 20-leg parlay is next to none, it’s still a relatively lucrative and unique perk that sets Golden Nugget apart from other sportsbooks regarding betting parsleys.

Aside from these two promotions, the best thing that Golden Nugget offers its users is its membership in the Golden Rewards Club.

Every $100 you wager on sporting events earns you one point. After you’ve earned 100 points, you’ll get $1 cashback. You may also earn points while playing casino games such as blackjack and slots. However, this rewards program isn’t beneficial to casual sports bettors. Each day you deposit $100 or more, you’ll receive 40 points.

Online Experience

If we’re being honest, the online sports betting experience at Golden Nugget Sportsbook is okay. However, it can feel overwhelmed with casino ads, and it’s not the most appealing setup for those who are only interested in sports betting.

If we’re looking at this site objectively, there are a few other areas where it could use some work. For example, while you can bet on all the most popular sports, like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, some less-known sports are nowhere to be found.

The payouts at the top of the list are attractive, and if you’re shopping lines, they’re worth contemplating. However, shifting through betting lines is simple. Simply clicking on the top of the list to go through different odds for a game is all it takes to pick a game to wager on.

Locating and using live betting at the Golden Nugget Sportsbook is also simple. Live odds are not more expensive than other bookmakers’ rates here. Rather than charging extra for live lines, they don’t upcharge. You may find improved odds for live lines if you look hard enough.

Live betting isn’t limited to the most popular matches. Live betting lines are available for sports taking place worldwide, so you’ll always be able to find live betting lines at some time of day or night every day.

Mobile App

The Golden Nugget sportsbook app offers the same features as the website, so you can use rewards and place bets on any lines.

Although the app is not very pleasing to look at and can be challenging to navigate, it is a dependable option for live betting on games.

Please ensure that your phone has adequate storage space before downloading the app. In addition, please make sure you’re downloading the correct version of the app. Different apps are required in different states; therefore, if you plan on traveling from one state to another, be sure to download the right one. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Betting Options

Sport/EventBest Betting Options
BoxingTotal rounds, method of victory, money line
CricketLimited options; currently offering future betting such as the outright winner of the 2024 World Cup
EsportsCurrently, no betting options available
F1Outright winner, group winner, head to head matchups
FootballMoney line, spread, over/under total points, spread alternative, total alternative, player prop betting options such as total passing, rushing, and receiving yards
GolfWinner of the tournament, head to head matchups
Greyhound RacingCurrently, no betting options available
Harness RacingCurrently, no betting options available
Horse RacingCurrently, no betting options available
MLB BaseballMoney line, run line, over/under runs, first to score, player prop betting options such as total strikeouts by the pitcher, total home runs, total bases by player
MLS SoccerMatch Result, Draw No Bet, Over/Under Total Goals, Team Total Goals, Exact Score
NascarWinner of the Race, head to head matchups, Top 5 and 10, manufacturer of the winning car, future betting option for the winner of the NASCAR Cup Series
NBAMoney line, spread, over/under total points, team totals
NHLMoney line, total goals, team total goals, winning margin, exact score, first to score, last to score
Premier LeagueMatch result, draw no bet, over/under total goals, exact score, winning margin
Super BowlTraditional betting options, exotic bets like the length of the National Anthem, first song performed at halftime, coin flip result, Gatorade color dumped on winning coach
UFCMoney line, total rounds, fight to go the distance, exact match result
XFLMoney line, spread, total points, team total points, player prop betting options including total passing, rushing, and receiving yards

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposit Methods

Golden Nugget Sportsbook has a wide variety of deposit methods that will work for any sports bettor. However, the amount you can deposit varies depending on your chosen method. The currently available methods, with their corresponding minimums and maximums are:

Deposit TypeMinimum DepositMaximum Deposit
Credit/Debit Card$20$25,000
Bank Transfer/ACH$20$50,000
Play+/PrePaid Card$10$25,000
Bank Wire Transfer$50$10,000

Credit/debit cards, Play+/Pre-paid cards, bank transfers, and PayPal transactions will instantly reach your sportsbook account.

However, when using PayNearMe affiliated businesses, the transaction may take 30 minutes or less. Wire transfers through a bank might take the longest since they could take 5-7 business days to arrive in your account.

Withdrawal Methods

The ways you can withdraw money from Golden Nugget Sportsbook match the deposit methods, except for credit/debit cards. The restrictions and time it takes to process each method vary depending on your choice.

Withdrawal TypeMinimum WithdrawalMaximum Withdrawal
Bank Transfer/ACH$20$250,000
Play+ PrePaid Card$10$25,000
Wire Transfer$500No Maximum

Payout times will differ depending on your chosen withdrawal method. The fastest way to receive your winnings is by using a Play+ card, which sends the funds to you instantly. PayPal is the next quickest option, with payout occurring within two days.

Although bank and wire transfers have much higher maximums, they are also the slowest ways to withdraw money from your Golden Nugget Sportsbook account. Bank transfer times typically range from 2-5 business days, while wire transfers generally take 5-7 business days.

Contact and Customer Service

Phone Number(855) 873-1010
Live ChatYes
Twitter (X)@GNOnlineCasino

Responsible Gambling: if you think you may have a gambling problem Call 1-800-Gambler. Always check your state laws for the minimum gambling age requirement.

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