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Pointsbet Review

  • Multis and Name-a-Bet
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Heaps of Betting Markets
  • Spreadbetting
  • Not great for racing
  • Limited withdrawal options

The most up-to-date sportsbook that’s been causing a stir worldwide, particularly in the United States! 

PointsBet was first founded in Australia before making its way over to the United States in 2019. The site is a legal sportsbook and has one of the best apps in the industry.

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PointsBet Available States:Colorado (CO), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Kansas, Louisiana (LA), Maryland, Michigan (MI) New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Ohio (OH), Ontario (ON), Pennsylvania (PA), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV)
PointsBet Sports Available:Aussie Rules, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, College Basketball, College Football, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Entertainment, Ice Hockey, MMA/UFC, Motorsports, NFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis
PointsBet Highlights:Pointsbetting, Live Streaming, Prop Bets

One of PointBet’s most significant appeals is prop bets. The sportsbook has a far superior range of player prop, points betting, and future bets compared to its competition. For example, any bettor can put money on the number of points, rebounds, or assists Anthony Davis might have on game day. For Patrick Mahomes, a bettor can guess how many passing yards or even the amount of TDs he throws in a selected game.

There is a long list of promotions and benefits offered by the site, including reduced vig on NFL bets this season. If you have any questions about the site before deciding to join, this article will help answer them! Check out the FAQ tab.

We evaluated them when Pointsbet first opened its doors to the general public and decided now would be an excellent time to return and see if anything has changed! 


It’s the same basic design, but it has changed. The layout is still black event boxes on a grey background, with the words in a sharp white. 

It’s simple to use, even for someone new, and placing wagers was a breeze. 

It was simple to register and verify my account. 

There is a welcome banner at the top of the page before you register. Still, once you’ve joined up, it transforms into an easy-to-scroll banner that connects you to all of the major sporting events, making for such a wonderful and unique perspective on getting where you want to be. 

One of the main things that I noticed immediately was the introduction of Live streaming! 

This is a recent addition to their features. After seeing the waves that this bookmaker has been making in the business, I assumed it would have been at the top of their “To-Do List”, mainly because they have now entered the American market. 

Let’s be honest: you need live streaming to hold on in the business when making waves as much as these guys do, and we are so glad to see them jump on the bandwagon. 

The truth is that as a sportsbook, Poinstbet is fantastic; they give you precisely what you want in a straightforward method. There isn’t anything that they need to improve upon now that they have Live Streaming in their arsenal. 

What do we like about Pointsbet?  

At Pointsbet, you can use your points to gamble on sports and other events. You may utilize this to your benefit by making wagers that you know will be correct and collecting more significant prize money! This feature, known as ‘Points Betting,’ allows you to increase the amount of money in your collection based on how accurate the bet is. 

Every week, Sportsbet offers a slew of discounts that dwarf some of their rivals. 

It’s effortless to discover whatever event you’re searching for, no matter how obscure it is. 

What’s missing at Pointsbet?  

There isn’t much missing from the Pointsbet sportsbook; they have recently introduced Live streaming, which was the main thing they had been missing until this time. 


The site’s design is straightforward, but it includes several features that may be utilized to the fullest, starting with POINTSBETTING

What is Pointsbetting? 

Unlike traditional fixed-odds betting, pointsbetting generates suspense throughout the match. Every single point is crucial. Your payout varies until the final second of the game. 

PointsBet offers an insane amount of marketing options that allow you to place the same game parlay on almost anything you can imagine! 

However, the unique selling proposition of PointsBet is its pointsbetting feature. 

They were the first to introduce it while everybody else played catch-up. 

How Pointsbetting Works 

If your wager wins by a single point (or unit), you’ll earn one multiplied by the amount you wagered. 

If you have a 2-unit wager that wins, you win twice the amount of money wagered. If your bet gains ten units, you earn ten times the stake. 

If you lose by one unit, you lose one times the stake. Lose by ten units, and you’ve lost ten times the money. 

Stop Loss Slider  

When placing a bet, all points betting wagers show your maximum win and loss levels in the bet slip. If your bet misses, this indicates your potential profits as well as losses. 

They also provide the option of limiting your risk of potential losses from a bet via the stop-loss slider for some markets. This will also limit your potential profits. 

Balance Witheld 

You’ll find a balance withheld when placing your bet. This is the amount required in your account to cover a percentage of your maximum loss if your wager loses. 


Customers who join up with Pointsbet are rewarded with different incentives and special offers on their promotions web page, which varies depending on the state where they operate. 

Pointbet frequently updates their promotions; however, you won’t be able to see all of them unless you’re a customer; nevertheless, this is easily fixed after you’ve signed up. 

Promo Code

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App Store Rating:
3.9 (Android), 4.6 (IOS)
Pointsbet Betting States

Additionally, it’s worth checking in regularly to see what new deals they’ve got. 

Device Overview

Android App

On a mobile, the color theming is just as beautiful as it is on the website. 

It’s a shame to have to log out when it’s this nice! 

The home page of Pointsbet was built with upcoming sports events in mind. As a result, it’s not much different from other websites that host popular racing and sports events, with additional sporting activities displayed in a scrolling banner. 

I spent a few minutes hunting for the Pointsbet promotions area, located in the lower-left corner under the menu tab. 

I took advantage of the promotional bonus when I joined up, and I decided to make my first wager on the upcoming NFL game using the same game parlay while also making a couple of head-to-head bets. 

I was a little concerned that placing my bets through my phone would be time-consuming or complex, but I didn’t run into any snags. 

The Pointsbet app is a fantastic choice for those searching for a quick and easy-to-use app with a lovely appearance. 

I bet $30 on the same game parlays and a head-to-head winning one of the same game parlays and a head-to-head. 

You can find the link to their app right HERE on their website. 

Apple IOS App

It’s clear that they put a lot of time and effort into making their phone app look fantastic, and you can tell right away that they’ve done everything possible to make it the best it can be. 

The app’s homepage displays future sporting events, with additional sports activities shown in the top scrolling banner. However, it is similar to other sportsbook applications, albeit it’s worth noting that it is also somewhat unique. 

After looking through the site, we discovered that Pointsbet offers a variety of attractive promotions and special offers to its customers. However, they aren’t readily apparent on the app’s front page, allowing them to concentrate on sports rather than large banner ads. 

Regardless, the Pointsbet iOS program is ideal if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to deal with all of the fluff. 

I immersed myself in various sports, placing multiple bets on multiple activities, and I made $216 in profits thanks to a couple of same-game parlays (we’re great at picking them). 

In all, I wagered $100 on $5-10 wagers, and while the Pointsbet iOS app was smooth and enjoyable overall, I don’t use iOS as my primary phone; I will, however, continue to use it on my android. 

Find the Pointsbet IOS app right HERE.


The Pointsbet mobile website has previously passed our test, and it continues to be very smooth and straightforward to use with no issues. 

Our most recent examination discovered that the mobile site is as smooth and simple to use as it was before, with no significant changes. 

They have added some of the features available on the desktop and apps; however, the one thing to note is the difference in battery usage compared to the app. 

It’s similar to the desktop website as expected and almost identical to the app versions, and that’s good for user convenience. However, it is worth noting that it does consume more battery power than the Pointsbet app version. 

The top of the page has a simple-to-use scroll menu that provides access to all significant sports, making it easy to discover what you need quickly. 

I wanted to put some money on Soccer, so I jumped in and placed a variety of bets on different betting markets that were available. Overall, I wagered $25 on several different games and walked away with $29, which wasn’t too shabby given that I almost had the same as I started with. 

As they say, “a win is a win”. 

Check it out here. 


The first thing I noticed on the Pointsbet site was their offer of 2 risk-free bets up to $2,000. This is only for new customers only but was a fantastic deal that I would take advantage of!

The layout is primarily black and grey, with a bright red helping to set it apart, with the only color change being the bet slip, which is blue. 

It has to be one of the simplest betting sites I’ve ever used, and it seems like my grandparents could join without difficulty. 

I noted that once you land on a page, there is no quick access banner. To locate another wager to place, you must either go back to a page or open the drop-down menu in the top left corner. 

Today I decided I would take advantage of the same game parlay option throwing several different parlays on various NBA and NFL games; I placed $50 of bets at $5 each bet. 

Thanks to a couple of big surprises and some off-the-cuff bets, I ended up a whopping $186 in front!! So even though I wasn’t expecting to run this good this week, it was great to see these games come through for me. 

How to Sign Up

The procedure for joining up with Pointsbet’s desktop site or app is the same; only the layout varies to fit different display sizes. 

The procedure of signing up was quick and straightforward. 

They do ask for some of your details but nothing out of the ordinary, they need your email to send you promotions, etc., and they need your details so that they match the payment details (it’s a legal thing) 


When it comes to banking with Pointsbet, they leave no stone unturned, ensuring that they make it as accessible for everyone to deposit funds into their account to place a wager with them.


Pointsbet offers various payment options to their customers to ensure you can deposit funds in a variety of different ways. 

You can use: 

Online BankingChase 
Bank Of America 
Wells Fargo 
TD Bank 
US Bank 
Capital One 
+ over 1,000 other banks 
PAYNEARMEYou can deposit cash at over 27,000 convenient cash payment locations across America. 
PayPalPaypal is also available as a depositing option for Pointsbet. 
ACH/Check You can deposit instantly with ACH/eCheck. 
Credit Card/ Debit Card Debit cards and credit cards are both available to use to deposit funds into Pointsbet. However, less than half of US cards are accepted for sports betting; additionally, only debit cards are accepted in Indiana, and Credit cards are not. 


Withdrawing winnings from Pointsbet can happen in one of three ways; you can choose to remove funds via online banking, PayPal, or ACH/eCheck. 

It is worth noting that all these options have different timeframes and can also vary from state to state, so it is worth checking out the withdrawal section in the help centre found at the bottom of their website. 

Betting Markets

Because Pointsbet is the newest online sportsbook, it provides an enormous range of markets. For example, Poinsbet claims to have more sports markets than any other sportsbook on the planet for the NFL and the NBA. 

That’s ALOT of different ways to bet! 

Betting Options

Sport/EventBest Betting Options
BoxingFight Result, Fight to Go the Distance, Total Rounds, Method of Victory
CricketMatch result, most sixes, top run-scorer, top wicket-taker
EsportsSpread, round winner, money line
F1Pole position, outright winner, head to head matchups
FootballSpread, over/under total points, money line, pick your own wager, player props (total passing, rushing, and receiving yards)
GolfWinner of the tournament, Top 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40, group winners
Greyhound RacingCurrently no betting options available
Harness RacingCurrently no betting options available
Horse RacingCurrently no betting options available
MLB BaseballRun line, money line, over/under total runs, player props (total strikeouts by starting pitcher, home run props)
MLS SoccerMatch result, over/under total goals, money line (draw no bet), correct score, halftime/fulltime result, match result and both teams to score
NascarRace winner, group winner, manufacturer of winning car, head to head matchups
NBASpread, money line, over/under total points, win/total doubles, first basket/winner, player props (total points, rebounds, assists)
NHLPuck line, over/under total goals, spread, correct score, period winners and totals
Premier LeagueMatch result, over/under total goals, goal scorers, money line (draw no bet)
Super BowlTraditional betting options, exotic bets (length of the National Anthem, coin flip result, first song at halftime)
UFCMoney line, total rounds, method of victory, exact result
XFLSpread, money line, team totals, over/under total points, player props (total passing, rushing, receiving, first touchdown scorer, anytime touchdown scorer)

Sports Betting Markets 

Aside from the typical fixed odds bets, Pointsbet also provides a variety of additional sports betting options. If I tried to describe all of the various sorts of betting markets accessible at Pointsbet, I would never be able to finish this sportsbook review. However, the number of sporting markets they have available is staggering. 

You can place a fixed-odds bet on any sporting event available on their site; however, where they come into their own is in their parlays. 

Aussie RulesBaseballBasketball
BoxingCollege BasketballCollege Football
EntertainmentIce HockeyMMA/UFC
MotorsportsNFLRugby League
Rugby UnionSoccerTable Tennis

Betting Types / Features / Odds

Pointsbet Sportsbook has made it a major goal to include as many sports into their portfolio as possible; as such, they have also included an incredible number of betting types, features, and odds to give you as much variety as possible. 

There’s not a lot they don’t cover. 

You may learn more about what they have to offer by clicking the hamburger button in the top left corner of the mobile app’s main screen and going down the list. 

Same Game Parlay – These are widely available in a variety of sports choices, and you’ll almost certainly find them, especially in sports with leagues like the NBA or NFL. 

Name A Bet –The market should be up for this, and it’s accessible from the main menu. If the market you want to bet on isn’t working, contact PointsBet, and they’ll make it right and put it online. 

Go into a sport, then an event, and then click on the hamburger menu for all other sports. Then check to see if there are any additional markets inside. 

There are a lot! You’re spoiled for choice. 

Promo Code

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With the KRUZEYUSA promo code, you can receive up to $2,000 in risk-free bonus bets when making your first deposit at Pointsbet. You will need to add this once you have signed up when adding the promo code. 

Contact and Customer Service

Customers may contact Pointsbet customer service through live chat or email. 

The online chat is generally answered promptly (if you don’t receive a response right away, wait a few minutes). There’s also an email address for general inquiries. 

Live Chat The function is available at the bottom of their page. 
Twitter (X)@PointsBetUSA


With any Bookmaker, Pointsbet legal criteria have been set for them to maintain its license. But, of course, you must also follow your terms and conditions as a customer. 

The link to the terms and conditions page is located at the bottom of their website. 


The Pointsbet interface is simple to navigate. It looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices. It’s bright, engaging, and overall I have a lot of fun with them. 

Many Americans may find it appealing because of the NFL markets and NBA markets available. 

There are several sports to pick from and improved odds and the opportunity to bet on live events, making it a lucrative package. 

It would be wonderful if Poinsbet offered customers the choice of a Poinsbet card. Although it is not required, many individuals appreciate it. 

I have no problem recommending Poinsbet to all of my friends. I’m a firm believer in the future of this company, and I will continue to utilize its services. 

Pointsbet is 100% worth giving a shot! 

Additional Info

About PointsBet 

Originally PointsBet was solely an Australian sports betting company that had its eyes on greener pastures and was licensed in the Northern Territory by the Racing Commission. Pointsbet Australia Pty Ltd is the owning company; since then, Pointsbet has grown to include catering toward New Zealand and is a new addition to the American sports betting industry. 

Pointsbet has their base of operations in Australia, plus they also have offices based out of New Jersey, USA. 

The Australian business runs out of offices based in Melbourne. 


The naming rights for the Cronulla Sharks rugby league team stadium in Sydney are held by Pointsbet. 

Now known as PointsBet Stadium, it’s been known by various names in the past, such as Toyota Park and Shark Park. 


What is Pointsbet? 

The renowned Australian bookmaker and sports betting business, Pointsbet, arrived in the American betting market as a newcomer. Most sporting events are offered in a wide range of distinctive wagering possibilities. 
They also allow wagering on live in-play events. Since Pointsbet has been operational for over eight years, working its way up the ranks to become one of the most well-known legal sportsbooks worldwide, they must be doing something right! 

Who owns Pointsbet? 

One of Australia’s biggest online sportsbooks, Pointsbet, is located in Richmond, Victoria. Australia’s most recent online bookmaker provides their clients with more NFL, NRL, and NBA betting opportunities than any other bookmaker on the planet. 
Pre-commitment limits are available, as is the case with all online bookmakers in Australia. In addition, Poinsbet is officially licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory government and licensed to operate throughout various other countries. They’re also protected by Secure Sockets Layer with 2048-bit encryption.

Is Pointsbet legit? 

Yes, Poinsbet has been a legitimate business operating in Australia since its inception and is now also operating in New Zealand and the United States. 

So does this mean that I may lawfully gamble with Pointsbet? 

You may legally and safely gamble on Pointsbet from Australia, New Zealand, and parts of the United States. However, if you live outside of these areas, you cannot create an account with Pointsbet or wager on it. 

Are there any downsides to Pointsbet? 

They only began live streaming recently, and if they hadn’t, it would be the one thing I would mention. However, because this feature has now been integrated into the site, there is no negative side. 

Is Pointsbet Sportsbook legal in America? 

Yes, Pointsbet is a legitimate online sports betting company licensed and certified in every nation where it does business. 
It indicates that they have accepted the country’s regulations and are not engaged in unlawful activities. 
Pointsbet is an Australian bookmaker that proudly displays its registration to regulatory bodies on its website. Furthermore, because it follows all local laws in each country where it does business, Pointsbet adheres to all domestic rules. 

Does Pointsbet have Same Game Parlays? 

Yes, Pointsbet provides same game parlays! They also provide a variety of incentives that are updated regularly. As a result, it’s good to check their website from time to time to see if you’re getting the greatest Pointsbet betting possibilities while putting your money on the line. 

Who is PointsBet? 

PointsBet was created in 2017 in Australia and has since grown to become a prominent sports betting company across the globe and enjoy promoting (then) as the only Australian online bookmaker who offers spread betting services. 
Andrew Fahey and Sam Swanell, the company’s two co-founders, both came from TomWaterhouse.com, serving as CEO and Chief Operations Officer. 

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