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Last Updated Apr 30, 2024, 8:31 PM
Ben Harris is the Communications Manager for KRUZEY, an NFL expert, and writer. Daily he can be found writing about the intricacies of the NFL on Kruzey - They call him the Stats Man!

Get the Best Free NBA Expert Picks: All Season Long

Our team of experts share their top NBA picks for every single game, while covering popular bet types, including money line, spread, totals, and also prop bets.

Each pick includes a comprehensive game preview with all the latest stats and trends.

NBA Expert Picks

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The San Antonio Spurs will take on the Utah Jazz at the Vivint Arena on...
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Why We are The Best

Here at Kruzey, we provide free expert picks for today’s NBA games.

You can either bet on which team will win (money line), bet on a favorite team to win by a specific number of points or lose by fewer ( known as the spread), or experience the thrill of betting on the total number of points scored (over/under).

Our picks are based on the expertise of our handicappers, player statistics, news, trends, and also both teams history.

Additionally, we also offer computer picks based on statistical data and simulations for those interested in a different type of pick.

Free NBA Money Line Picks for Today’s Games

Go head-to-head with our free NBA money line picks. These straightforward picks come with no ties to the NBA, with a win-or-lose outcome.

Instead, find the best value picks by relying on our experts’ decades of betting experience and research. Get today’s NBA money line picks for free.

Free NBA Spread Picks for Today’s Matches

Get a leg up by betting on a team without risking a lot with our free expert NBA spread picks. Spread betting involves wagering on a team to either win by a certain number of points or lose by fewer.

Get the edge by checking out our free spread picks for today’s games.

Free Totals (Over/Under) Picks for Today

Looking for something a little different? Experience the thrill of NBA over/under betting with our free expert picks. The game’s high-scoring potential makes every offensive possession count, and the outcomes can change within one quarter.

So before betting on today’s games, get a complete analysis on each pick, including critical stats.

NBA Computer Picks

How NBA Computer Picks Work

You don’t need to figure out how our NBA computer picks work, we have invested a lot of money (and by a lot we mean LOADS) into our programs that digest the stats and spit out the data.

Why Trust Them

Unlike humans, computers are unbiased and make decisions based solely on statistical data.

Advanced stats are increasingly popular in the sports world, making NBA computer picks a reliable source for predictions.

However, the computer selections’ accuracy depends on the data quality and algorithms used.

Betting on NBA ATS Picks

Betting on NBA games against the spread can be pretty difficult. You can seek advice from professional handicappers or do your own research.

However, it is also worth noting, you should always do your own research and understand the game before trying your hand at Against the Spread betting.

Making Successful NBA Betting Picks

A lot of your success in picking NBA wins depends on the research that has been taken beforehand.

It would be best recommended to always consider factors like referee stats and player data.

Stats and data form the basis of NBA computer picks, and finding the right mix in this is crucial to have an edge (that’s where we come in).

In addition, you might also consider betting trends like team ATS records or over/under results frequency.

Hot tip! Get the latest and most accurate NBA score predictions by bookmarking our NBA picks page; this will allow you to bet on top teams like the Celtics and Nuggets more confidently.

NBA Picks FAQs

How many picks are in the NBA draft?

There are sixty players selected in each NBA draft, rules state that no one is able to sign with an NBA team until they have been eligible for at least one NBA draft.

What are NBA picks?

NBA picks are predictions made about the outcomes of NBA games. These picks are used by bettors to help decide where to place their wagers, and can include choices on who will win the game, the point spread, or the total points scored.

Who makes NBA picks?

NBA picks are typically made by sports analysts, professional bettors, and betting enthusiasts. These picks are based on a variety of factors including statistical analysis, current team form, player injuries, and historical performance.

Where can I find NBA picks?

NBA picks can be found on sports betting websites, in sports news sections, and through online betting communities. Many experts and handicappers also share their picks via social media platforms and sports betting forums.

How accurate are NBA picks?

The accuracy of NBA picks can vary widely. Highly experienced analysts and bettors who use statistical tools and have deep knowledge of the NBA generally offer more reliable picks. However, even the most informed predictions cannot guarantee outcomes since sports are inherently unpredictable.

Are free NBA picks worth using?

Free NBA picks can be a good resource, especially if they come from credible sources with a track record of accuracy. However, bettors should always use these picks as part of a broader strategy that includes their own research and analysis.

Can I make my own NBA picks?

Yes, many bettors make their own NBA picks by analyzing available data and trends. Creating your own picks involves studying team statistics, keeping up with player injuries and trades, and monitoring betting lines and odds for value.

What should I consider when making NBA picks?

When making NBA picks, consider the following factors:
Current Team Form: How well are the teams playing right now?
Injuries: Are key players injured or returning from injury?
Historical Performance: How have these teams performed against each other in the past?
Betting Odds: What do the odds suggest about the likely outcome?
Player Matchups: Are there mismatches that a team can exploit?

Do NBA picks include over/under bets?

Yes, many NBA picks include predictions on whether the total points scored by both teams will be over or under a specified amount. These are known as over/under or totals bets.

How often are NBA picks updated?

NBA picks can be updated daily depending on the schedule of games. During the NBA season, picks are frequently updated to reflect the latest news and data.

What is the best strategy for using NBA picks?

The best strategy is to use NBA picks as a guide alongside your own research. Compare picks from multiple analysts, watch for line movements, assess the impact of recent news (like player injuries), and manage your bankroll carefully to maximize your chances of betting success.