Tom Brady has retired from the NFL two times and came out of retirement once. Could he return to the field again? One Bucs teammate thinks that’s possible. Antoine Winfield Jr. said the Buccaneers are keeping tabs on Brady and have already tried to gauge if he might be interested in a return.

Everything is up in the Air

Winfield played together with Brady in Tampa and thinks there is a possibility that he could lineup alongside him next season too. He said that the Bucs might have already contacted Brady to try to convince him to return for another season.

Winfield was sure that the club was “still reaching out to him trying to see if he’s trying to come back to the team,” adding that such an unexpected move could happen and that anything was possible. He described the situation as everything being “up in the air.”

Winfield, who is a free safety, joined the Bucs in 2020 as a rookie. Incidentally, that was the year when Brady teamed up with Tampa Bay too. So, despite playing only three seasons in the NFL, Winfield spent more time with the seven-time Super Bowl winner than most of his former teammates did.

Brady Has Changed His Mind in the Past Too

And while Brady coming out of retirement for the second time makes a lot of sense for the Buccaneers, the player himself doesn’t sound like someone who is planning to return to the game.

Six weeks ago, Brady said that he was certain he was going to play again. He even stressed that he hates repeating that over and over again and tried to make it perfectly clear he was staying retired.

However, Winfield’s comments shouldn’t be ignored too. After all, Brady has changed his mind a couple of times in the past and when he was asked about his plans back in April, he didn’t rule out an NFL return to play for the Dolphins. 

For now, though, Brady’s status is ‘retired.’ If that doesn’t change, the starting Bucs quarterback next season will be one of Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask. NFL training camps start next week.