Las Vegas Raiders General Manager Tom Telesco rejected rumours that Davante Adams will be traded, saying the three-time All-Pro star will remain “a Raider.” That statement only confirms what has already been stated from sources inside the Raiders camp – Adams is happy to stay and the Raiders have no intention of letting the six-time Pro-Bowler leave.

Aaron Rodgers Wanted Adams in New York

Before the Raiders general manager quashed the rumours of Davante Adams moving for pastures new, it was reported that he had been singled out by the New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers as their top target this offseason.

Rodgers and Adams played together for the Green Bay Packers and the quarterback was reportedly determined to bring his former teammate to the Big Apple ahead of the new season. However, Telesco shot down any trade talk before it had even started.

Adams Advocated for Antonio Pearce to Be the New Head Coach

The Las Vegas Raiders got Adams from the Green Bay Packers in 2022. He didn’t post his usual numbers in his first season in Vegas and thought he was underutilized by former Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels, saying he didn’t come to the Raiders “to just hang out.”

He was also one of the strongest advocates for Antonio Pearce to be appointed as the new Raiders head coach. Now that his wish has been granted, it seems certain that he will stay put and the Raiders general manager only confirmed that the Las Vegas franchise had no intention of letting the 31-year-old leave.

Josh Jacobs’ Future is Still Not Decided

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Josh Jacobs, the Raiders running back. Unlike Adams, who is tied to the Raiders for three more seasons, Jacobs will soon become a free agent. Telesco has been pretty clear that the Raiders won’t use a franchise tag on any free agent, and that seems to include Jacobs.

On the other hand, Jacobs is a home-grown Raiders talent and Telesco said in no uncertain terms that he wants to set a standard of retaining homegrown players while he was a general manager. So, Jacobs might still have a future with the Raiders. Telesco confirmed they would “explore pretty hard” to see if it will be possible to have the player in the Raiders’ ranks next season too.