Cornerback Carlton Davis thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can win their division, go to the playoffs and play in the Super Bowl even without Tom Brady. The legendary quarterback retired at the end of last season, but Davis warned teams thinking the Bucs lost something will be in for a rude awakening.

Tampa Will Run Through the Division

The 26-year-old warned rivals by saying that they were playing a team sport and that even though “Tom was a great addition,” there were other components that made them successful and they still had them. Davis felt he was only getting better.

The cornerback is confident the Bucs will win NFC South three seasons in a row and sent a pretty direct message to opponents, saying “We’re going to wreck s–t, wreck s–t.” He went on to describe how they would do that and claimed “Interceptions. Turnovers. Plays will be made. I will say. Plays. Will. Be. Made.

When it comes to NFC South, Davis has every right to be that confident. Tampa was the only team to have recorded single-digit losses last season, and the player thinks winning the division will be even easier in 2023.

He described the division as “worse than what it was before,” and they would have no problem running through the division. Then his goal is to do the same in the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl. Easy, right?

Can Baker Mayfield Do What Brady Did in his First Season?

Despite having faith in his team’s abilities, Davis shouldn’t ignore the New Orleans Saints who recruited former Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr, while the Atlanta Falcons have an impressive offense that now includes promising rookie Bijan Robinson too. The Carolina Panthers have also strengthened and will be a different beast with Bryce Young, their new quarterback.

Davis also shouldn’t forget that the Bucs might have won the division for three straight years. Coincidently, those were the years in which Brady was with them. Baker Mayfield is a top-quality quarterback. However, few can help their new team win the Super Bowl in their first season as Brady did.