F1 Betting and Odds

Last Updated: April 30, 2024 6:38 pm

Are you Team Ford or Team Ferrari? Jokes aside, Formula One racing and any racing, in general, is quickly building steam in the betting industry. If you are a fan of Formula One, wait until you start gambling on it.

You can place loads of different methods and wagers while watching an F1 race, especially the grandest of them all: the FIA Formula One World Championship.

This detailed guide will show you the different bets you can place and help you understand the odds of placing those wagers. Drivers, start your engines.

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F1 Betting

F1 Drivers’ Championship

Here’s a great way to start getting into F1 betting. This championship wager is placed on the driver who you think will win it all. This wager will count as a loss if they don’t get the first place medal. These wagers typically have much greater odds, which means a much higher payout. For example, if you place a $100 bet on driver A +400 to win, the return would be $500. 

Formula One Constructors’ Championship

If the thought of picking one driver seems like a long shot, then maybe this wager would be more up your alley. For this one, you’ll be placing a bet on which team will have the most points at the end of the event. Remember, points are awarded to the first ten drivers who cross the finish line. 

F1 Podium Finisher Betting Odds

If you have a good feeling about a driver but want some insurance, a podium wager will allow you to bet on whether a driver will get onto the podium. Remember, finishing on the podium is placing first, second, or third. So, for example, if you place a $100 wager on driver A +120 to get onto the podium, the return would be $220. 

Formula One Finish Position Betting Odds

One of the most popular bets involves choosing whether the driver finishes above or below their betting odds. Most sportsbooks will give a final position on a driver, and you can bet whether they finish below or above it. For example, driver A is given a 13.5 finish projection. If the driver finishes better than 14, the wager is won if you place above.


What types of bets can I place on Formula 1 races?

In Formula 1 betting, you can place various types of bets including the winner of the race, podium finishes (top 3), fastest lap, the constructor to win, head-to-head matchups between drivers, and prop bets on events within the race like the number of pit stops.

How are F1 betting odds calculated?

F1 betting odds are determined by several factors, including drivers’ and teams’ past performances, track characteristics, weather conditions, and any recent developments within the teams or the sport. Bookmakers adjust odds based on this data, alongside the betting public’s wagering patterns.

Is live betting available for F1 races?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer live betting on Formula 1 races. This allows bettors to place wagers on different aspects of the race as it happens, with odds updated in real-time based on the on-track action.

What’s a good strategy for betting on Formula 1?

A solid F1 betting strategy involves staying informed about the sport, including team news, driver performances, and track details. Considering the qualifying positions, weather forecasts, and historical data for both teams and drivers at specific tracks can also provide a betting edge.

How can I find the best odds for F1 betting?

To find the best F1 betting odds, compare lines across multiple sportsbooks. Odds can vary between bookmakers, so shopping around can help you find the most value. Online betting comparison tools are useful for this purpose.

Are there any particularly popular F1 races for betting?

Certain Formula 1 races tend to attract more betting interest, such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the British Grand Prix, and the season finale in Abu Dhabi. These races are not only iconic but also have unique characteristics that can influence betting.

What should I consider when betting on the F1 Drivers’ Championship?

When betting on the F1 Drivers’ Championship, consider the current standings, drivers’ consistency, team performance, and the remaining races in the season. Drivers in teams with technological advancements or who perform well on specific types of tracks should also be watched closely.

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