Golf Betting and Odds

It may not be a weekly or daily sport to gamble on, but when a golf tournament rolls around, being able to read a sportsbook’s golf odds page can help you make high-quality bets. Even if you only gamble on golf a few times a year, learning golf basics and the tournament’s selected odds will go a long way toward winning results. Instead of taking a random shot in the dark betting on golf, read on to learn the different selections you could take when putting money on a wager. 

Future Championship Wager 

The most popular golf bet in the world is the future championship wager. This bet has you picking who you think will be lifting the trophy at the end of a golfing tournament. It’s that simple. If you select golfer A to win, and they don’t, you lose. However, if golfer A defies the odds and wins, so does your wager. To understand golf future championship odds, most of the odds will be in plus money territory. For example, if golfer A has a +450 chance of winning the tournament, a $100 bet would return $550 in total ($450 of winnings, + $100 of the original bet). 

To Make The Cut 

If you are looking to make a successful wager that would only last about half the tournament, a wager on who will “make the cut” is right up your alley. Usually, after 36 holes, the competition is halfway through, and the officials will often remove a portion of the field. These players will have no chance of winning the tournament. If you are interested in placing a wager on a golfer to make the cut, they would need to make it past this purge. For example, if golfer A is -150 to make the cut, a $150 wager would return $250. 

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