Los Angeles Chargers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night, but the 24-27 defeat wasn’t the only blow for the Chargers that night. In the fourth quarter, with only five minutes remaining on the clock, Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert was hit by Mike Danna and spent some time lying on the field. However, Chargers fans were relieved to see that their star quarterback returned to the game after missing just one play.

Coach Staley Expects Herbert to Walk It Off

Unfortunately, from then on, things got worse for Los Angeles fans. Not only did their team lose, but they also found out that Herbert was taken to the X-ray room. The quarterback didn’t talk at all to reporters after the game, but a Chargers spokesperson said the player was not available because of a rib injury.

Coach Brandon Staley didn’t seem very concerned, though. After the game, the Chargers head coach said that Herbert “took some big hits” but that he expected him to come back instantly as he was Justin Herbert. However, the coach later admitted that they would probably have to wait a bit longer to find out more about the injury.

All-Pro Center Corey Linsley and Trey Pipkins Also Got Injured

Herbert received his fair share of hits during the game, as he was sacked on two occasions and got hit seven times. But he wasn’t the only Chargers player to have been hacked down and injured by a very physical Chiefs defence.

All-Pro center Corey Linsley left the game at halftime due to a knee injury, and right tackle Trey Pipkins injured his ankle after the break. Coach Staley said that he expected to have Corey back soon, but that he didn’t know how serious Pipkins’ ankle injury was. The Kansas City loss means that the Chargers are now 1-1 after two games. They will hope to improve that record in Week 3 of the new NFL season when they host the Jacksonville Jaguars at SoFi Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Raiders 24-19 in Week 1.