Pittsburgh Steelers have several goals this offseason. Keeping Minkah Fitzpatrick is definitely one of them. The safety has been a crucial player for the Steelers, so it is not surprising that they want to extend his contract and keep both him and the fans happy. 

According to Aditi Kinkhabwala from the NFL Network, the Steelers have already drawn up Fitzpatrick’s contract. If the 25-year-old star signs it, he will become the highest-paid safety in the NFL. However, the figures have not been disclosed yet.

Will Earn More than Jamal Adams and Justin Simmons

So, how much will Fitzpatrick earn? The report claims that the total value of Fitzpatrick’s contract will surpass that of Jamal Adams from the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks’ safety is on a four-year contract and earns an average of US$17.5 per year. That means the total value of his contract is US$70 million, US$21 million of which is guaranteed.

Justin Simmons from the Denver Broncos could also be used as a reference when trying to predict how much money Minkah Fitzpatrick might earn under his new contract. 

Simmons signed a four-year deal worth US$61 million in March last year. However, even though Simmons’ contract is US$9 million lower than what Adams gets from the Seahawks, the Broncos’ safety will get US$31 million guaranteed, regardless of skill, cap, or injury. So, that large guarantee is also something that the Steelers’ higher-ups might have taken into consideration when drafting Fitzpatrick’s contract.

Key Player for the Steelers

Fitzpatrick has played for the Steelers for three years. He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2018 and was traded to the Pittsburgh side a year later. However, despite Fitzpatrick playing professional football for only four years, he has already established himself as one of the best players in his position. The 25-year-old was named an All-Pro and Pro-Bowler two times, in 2019 and 2020. 

Minkah Fitzpatrick played his best football last season when he was given the role of a run defender. In 2021, he had two interceptions and 124 tacklesa career-high for him. However, somehow, he missed out on an All-Pro selection.