The NBA may return to the old East vs West All-Star format after only six years of using the player draft setup. The Athletic reported that the NBA and the Players Association were going to discuss making the All-Star game more competitive and the changes they might agree on might be introduced as early as next season.

Some of the Worst Basketball Ever Played

The NBA rolled out the player draft format in 2018. There’s no denying that the All-Star draft itself is quite entertaining. 

In it, the two players from each conference that get the most votes are the captains of their teams. They get to select their teams and don’t have to pick players solely from their conferences.

However, what didn’t live up to expectations in the All-Star game. All-Star matches have never been known for their competitive edge. However, the last six editions have really failed to hit the mark. 

The 2023 edition of the All-Star was particularly disappointing with Nuggets coach Michael Malone calling it the “worst basketball game ever played.”

Malone said it was an honor to be involved in an All-Star game and be “part of a great weekend” and be around “great players.” 

However, he didn’t mince his words when it came to the effort players put in, claiming he has never seen a worse game of basketball.

A Glorified Layup Line

The Nuggets coach gave credit to NBA MVP Joel Embiid and Kyrie Irving, as both players were “competing.” Embiid imploring teammates to play defense harder didn’t make the game any easier for Malone to sit through, though.

Jaylen Brown was in a similar mood after the game, saying the game was “a glorified layup line.” The Celtics star who was named in the All-NBA Second Team this season urged the league to “make the game a little bit more competitive.”

With players and coaches on the same page, The Athletic reports it is now only a question of time before the league institutes some changes, with the most likely one being the return to the old format of East vs West.

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