Before the playoffs started, the NBA released the first-round schedule. The league tried to give all teams ample time to recuperate and rest between games. However, despite most first-round series getting that, one postseason pairing is far from happy.

The Suns-Clippers series is the only playoff match-up where teams don’t get two consecutive days of rest in between the first four games. All other seven series get a two-day break in the first four matches. Even if the series goes all the way, the teams will get two consecutive days off just once, between games four and five.

Not the First Tough NBA Schedule

Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George is furious with the NBA for making the schedule so bad for the Clippers. The forward vented his anger during his podcast, Podcast P with Paul George, where he claimed that this wasn’t the first time the Clippers were given a more difficult schedule than other teams.

George said that the Clippers played the most games in the past couple of years going into the All-Star break and that the league has been messing with them for a while.

One of the reasons why George is so angry with the schedule created for the Clippers is the injury he picked up last month. He is still recovering from a hyper-extended right knee he suffered in the 101-100 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder and is not expected to take any part in the series against the Suns

The Clippers Will Try to Take Care of Business Early

However, he also didn’t rule out a surprise return if his recovery process goes well. And that is when that difficult schedule could cause George some problems. 

Fortunately, he has a plan. George said that the Clippers would try to “take care of business” and make the most of a difficult situation by getting the most rest out of a tough schedule.

He added that if he was “good,” he might even make a surprise appearance in the first-round series.