Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons isn’t happy that the media are letting the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers off the hook after their surprise defeats. The edge rusher thinks the Cowboys were treated unfairly by NFL analysts after their defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers and that neither the Eagles nor the 49ers got the same treatment for losing games they should have easily won.

It’s Unfair to Only Bash Dak Prescott and the Cowboys

Parsons said he didn’t condone “the bashing of Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys” and not having “the same energy for the Eagles,” especially as the Eagles lost while their key players like quarterback Jalen Hurts were healthy and playing. Parsons did concede that Philadelphia faced the New York Jets without offensive lineman Lane Johnson

The linebacker added that despite fielding a team that was almost at full strength, the Eagles produced a sub-par performance. In contrast, Parsons claimed, the Cowboys and their quarterback, Dak Prescott, moved the ball much better but got none of the plaudits.

The 24-year-old said he wanted the “same energy for everyone,” as it was unfair to only bash Dak Prescott and the Cowboys when they lose. Parsons was also unhappy that the Cowboys’ win over the Jets in Week 2 was described as not significant enough, despite Dallas winning 30-10. 

However, when that same Jets team triumphed over the Eagles with Zach Wilson as quarterback, Parsons said people didn’t have the same reaction. Moreover, the linebacker claimed that the Jets team the Cowboys faced was stronger than the one that beat the Eagles, as the Jets “were missing a few other pieces.”

The 49ers Are Getting Away with a Poor Performance Too, Says Parsons

But Parsons didn’t stop there. He went on to talk about how San Francisco got the same lenient treatment from the media as the Eagles, despite losing to the Cleveland Browns. He wasn’t happy that many people used the absences of Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel to excuse the Niners for their poor performance and said that the Browns were missing quarterback Deshaun Watson and several other key players too.

The linebacker took issue with some media analysts who said they weren’t worried about the 49ers, claiming they were missing McCaffrey, so their loss couldn’t be described as a stumble. However, Parsons thought otherwise, saying that the players the 49ers were missing started the game (and might play in Week 7 too) while those who were absent for the Browns were out “before the game even started.”

Many felt Parsons had a point with his comments, especially as the Jets and Browns didn’t get the recognition they deserved because people were focused on finding excuses for the Eagles and the Niners. Cleveland and New York recorded big wins over the league’s only two undefeated teams before Week 6 and the least they can get is to be commended for what they did.