Andy Reid never backs away from a challenge and the Kansas City Chiefs head coach is relishing the unpredictable nature of the NFL right now. The seasoned coach is looking forward to the tough run of games that the Chiefs will play in the last five games of the 2023 NFL season and is hoping that Kansas City retains its first place in the AFC come January 7.

The Chiefs are Going Back to Basics

The Chiefs’ head coach said that the league was crazy at the moment and that they had to take games “week to week” as that was the only way to finish strong and recover from the two defeats in the last three games.

Reid compared the Chiefs’ current predicament with that of San Francisco, saying the Niners lost three on the trot but are now playing well once again. He added that the Denver Broncos went through a similar rough patch, but they are now back to their best.

The coach said the key to recovering from losing streaks was to go back to basics and “do a better job coaching.”The players doing their jobs and having a positive attitude also helps, according to the coach, and he thought everyone needed to learn from their mistakes.

Keeping a Level Head is Crucial, Says Chiefs’ QB

The Kansas City Chiefs want to keep their hopes of being AFC’s top seed alive, but to achieve that they will have to return to winning ways in a tough match against the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs’ offense will have to up its game in particular, as it failed to propel Kansas City to victory in three of the last five matches.

After a strong 6-1 start of the season, the Chiefs lost in Week 8 and went on to lose two more. That has never happened in the past three years. In fact, Kansas lost a total of three games after week 8 in those three seasons. So, Associated Press NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and his teammates will have to keep a level head in a crucial segment of the season.

Mahomes said he was learning from his coach, who was never too high and was never too low. He wanted to only focus on the task at hand, be the best you can be and play the best football on the day. 

Hoping for a Repeat of 2019

The quarterback was also looking back to 2019 for a confidence boost. That was the season when the Chiefs won the NFL Super Bowl, but only after a pretty bad start to the season. Mahomes said that the 6-4 record they had that year didn’t affect their performances in the crucial part of the season back then, and they were trying to do the same now.

After the Kansas City Chiefs play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, they will have four tough match-ups remaining until the end of the season against the New England PatriotsLas Vegas RaidersCincinnati Bengals and the LA Chargers