Brandon Staley is no longer the head coach for the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers decided to part ways with their general manager Tom Telesco too. The reason is the blowout defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders. 

The LA Chargers were on the wrong end of a 63-21 loss on Thursday night and reports claimed immediately after the game that Staley would soon be relieved of his duties. The Chargers confirmed the news on Friday, adding that general manager Tom Telesco’s contract was terminated as well.

Owner Says Chargers Fans Deserve More

Chargers owner Dean Spanos thanked both Staley and Telesco for “their hard work, dedication, and professionalism,” wishing the two of them and their families “nothing but the best.” The owner said that those decisions were always hard to make, especially when one considered how many people would be impacted by them. 

However, because the Chargers weren’t where they wanted to be, doing nothing would have only increased the risk of the team stagnating, and that was a risk that the owner wasn’t prepared to take.

Spanos also spoke about fan expectations, saying Chargers supporters went “through so many ups and downs” and always stood strong. So, he thought they deserved more and had earned the right to ask for more

Building a Championship-Caliber Team

The owner felt that the team needed a “new vision” and that “building and maintaining a championship-calibre program” was their ultimate objective. Spanos concluded his statement by saying that the reimagining of their goal could now start.

The Chargers had high expectations this season but are only 5-9 after 14 games, losing five of their last six matches. Staley’s has a 24-24 record since taking over in 2021 and his Chargers tenure will always be associated with one of the most shocking defeats in NFL history when the Chargers were eliminated from the playoffs after losing 31-30 to the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Staley’s team was 27 points ahead at one point in the game, but the coach’s suspect decisions and the team’s unbelievable meltdown resulted in arguably the biggest comeback in the league’s history.