San Francisco fans have a lot to be happy about after defensive end Nick Bosa and the 49ers agreed to a 5-year $170 million contract extension which means the Niners star is now the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history

The extension which will earn Nick Bosa $122.5 million in guaranteed money will also make him the best-paid non-quarterback in the league. Before signing the deal, Bosa reported to training camp but didn’t take part in practice trying to negotiate a new deal.

Only a Beer Belly Would Prevent Bosa from Playing in the Season Opener

Coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t know Bosa had signed the extension when he appeared in a scheduled press conference. However, minutes before his media duties, he was told about the deal. 

So it wasn’t surprising that he walked in with a big smile on his face before confirming to reporters that Bosa was staying and would join the team for the first game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The coach said that he was already thinking about not playing with Bosa for the season opener, so to find out he signed the extension walking into the press conference “was a hell of a bonus,” and they were all very excited for the player.

Shanahan joked with reporters that Bosa would play “as many snaps” as needed and that “he would have to have a beer belly” and be totally out of shape not to feature in the game.

More than Just a Little Kick for the Team

Bosa may not have been involved in training as the rest of his teammates, but given his track record, nobody will be surprised if he plays like he never really took a break. 

In 2022, he led the league in sacks (18.5), tackles (51), and forced fumbles (2). He was third in quarterback pressures (58). Those performances earned him a Defensive Player of the Year award, an All-Pro inclusion, and a third Pro Bowl selection.

Niners left tackle Trent Williams said he couldn’t be happier that his teammate was back and that what they got with Bosa’s return was “much more than just a little kick.”

Bosa’s extension was six weeks in the making, and the deal was one of the most complicated re-signings the Niners have made in recent years. Not that re-signing Bosa was ever in doubt. Rather, it was about Bosa getting what he felt he deserved and the team trying to respect the player while also managing their budget as best as they could.