An NFL preseason game has been suspended for the second time in a week, and the reason is the same – a serious injury to a player. After the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers had to abandon their preseason duel due to Isaiah Bolden’s injury, the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars had to call it a day after Dolphins receiver Daewood Davis was stretchered off in the fourth quarter.

Davis Was Released from the Hospital in the Morning

The rookie was attempting a catch when he collided with two opposition players. The player couldn’t get up or leave the field on his own and had to be driven out on a stretcher. 

As with Isaiah Bolden, medical teams of both organizations attended to Davis before he was taken to hospital. The player is said to have been conscious and could also feel and move his extremities

Fortunately, as was the case with Bolden, Davis seems to be okay, as he was released from the Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville in the morning after the game.

Dolphins Hoping for a Full Recovery

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel was left shaken by Davis’ injury. He had the highest praise for the player’s character, saying he had a great spirit and was a popular figure in the locker room, with teammates rooting for him. 

The coach added that Davis had a magnetic personality and that he had the pleasure to be part of his development process. He said everyone was now “hoping for a full recovery” and “some good news.”

As for the decision to finish the game early, McDaniel said it was “without a doubt” spot on, as their guys were “hurting but relieved.