The Cincinnati Bengals have been found fully compliant with the NFL’s injury report policy with regard to Joe Burrow’s wrist injury. The league concluded that the Bengals did everything right in their preparations for the games against the Houston Texans in Week 10 and against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 11.

Reports Said Burrow Was Injured Before the Game 

The NFL reviewed everything from medical records to interviews with medical personnel. It also analyzed practice and game videos and watched all Joe Burrow interviews too. The conclusion was that the Bengals didn’t do anything wrong and their actions didn’t jeopardize the well-being of their star quarterback.

The NFL decided to investigate the issue after some social media videos had shown the player wearing an apparatus on his right wrist while preparing for the match against the Baltimore Ravens but wasn’t listed as injured by the Bengals. The quarterback suffered a torn ligament in his right wrist during that game and many felt his wrist might have been injured even before the game had started.

Compression Sleeve Was Only to Reduce Swelling on Flights

After the game, Burrow told reporters that the wrist sleeve he was wearing was only for compression purposes and to reduce swelling on flights. It had nothing to do with a wrist injury as many had speculated. The information the Bengals provided to the league confirmed this, as Burrow didn’t receive any treatment before practice and was involved in all practice sessions without missing a single one.

The quarterback also explained exactly how the injury happened. He said that before he injured his wrist, there was a play in which he landed a bit on it. Then, in the next play, as he threw a touchdown pass, he “felt a pop in the middle of the throw.” Burrows tried to continue playing but said he couldn’t and after getting the news of the severity of the injury, he knew why he couldn’t continue. Burrow underwent surgery on November 27.