The Los Angeles Rams have decided to part ways with Cam Akers. Reports say that the Rams are sending Akers to the Minnesota Vikings a season after the former second-round requested to be traded. Last year, the running back stepped away from the team while a decision on his future was being made but was later reintegrated into the roster. 

According to sources, the Vikings will give the Rams conditional sixth and seventh-round picks for the 2026 NFL Draft.

A Failed Trade Attempt

Akers never really made much of an impact in LA. In his first season, he averaged 4.3 yards per carry. Akers’ progress was hampered by an Achilles injury he suffered in pre-season the following year, but, against all odds, he managed to return in the same season and help the Rams win the Super Bowl in 2022.

After that triumph, though, Akers found it hard to get too many playing opportunities, became dissatisfied with his status in the team and asked to be traded. The Rams attempted to trade him but were unsuccessful so they opted to keep him. The player repaid the trust by posting some of his best numbers in 2022.

Lost his Spot to Backup Kyren Williams

However, in 2023, he never really got going. So, after backup running back Kyren Williams impressed in the Rams’ season-opener against Seattle, head coach Sean McVay and his staff decided to go with Williams, and Akers was left out for the Rams’ second game despite being healthy.

Akers was aware that the gap that had already occurred between the coach and him would only widen, so he probably knew his departure was imminent.

And the move is probably good for him. He joins a Minnesota team that has gained only 69 yards on the ground since the season started and should play an important role in the Vikings’ offense.