Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson issued a rallying call to his teammates, saying there was still a lot to play for, adding that the 0-3 start won’t define their season. The All-Pro player looked at the three defeats as an early test for the Vikings, which would determine whether they had what it takes to get out of the rut and see if they were “a great team or not.” 

The odds are stacked against Minnesota, though. Only 2.5 per cent of NFL teams who lost the first three games of the season went on to make the playoffs in NFL history.

Jefferson Confident Minor Fixes Will Put the Vikings Back on Track

The Vikings’ winless start has invited criticism from various social media accounts who claim that Minnesota should already start thinking about next year. They suggest the Vikings commence drawing up plans to trade assets,with some even floating the idea that Jefferson should be traded too. The star wide receiver will be in the last year of his rookie contract next season.

Jefferson wasn’t too happy to talk about any of that, saying he was tired of people claiming they kept one eye on next season and wouldn’t be involved in trade rumours too. The 24-year-old said the Vikings were focused on this season, and there were still a lot of games to be played and things to be accomplished. They only needed to “fix a few things”and would be “back on track.”

Ignoring Trade Rumors

Despite the Vikings losing three out of three, Jefferson is leading the charts in receiving yards. He notched 458 receiving yards in the first three weeks and has the best start of an NFL season in that statistical category.

However, even with that type of record, some say that Jefferson should be one of those traded. More logical trading options remain quarterback Kirk Cousins and edge rusher Danielle Hunter, who would be sent elsewhere to get draft picks.

Those rumours and calls for players to be traded will continue until the NFL trade deadline on October 31. For Jefferson, though, the focus remains on the team and figuring out who is in the building and what they are trying to achieve. The Vikings’ star is determined to keep it that way until things turn around for Minnesota, as he feels “that’s all that really matters.”