The Seattle Seahawks and their former starting quarterback Russell Wilson didn’t separate on the best of terms. So, when Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that the Seattle offense played much better when quarterback Geno Smith wore a wristband, you knew that there was more to the comment than just praising Smith’s decision to wear the wristband. Russell Wilson knew too.

Wilson Doesn’t Think Wristbands Win NFL Games

Last Monday, Carroll told the Seattle Times that it was a big help that Geno was “going off the wristband.” The coach said that Smith wearing the wristband played a big part in smoothing out plays and speeding and cleaning things up.

Carroll took the time to direct a subtle shot at his former quarterback too. He said that they never had a quarterback with a wristband before because there was resistance to it in the past.

Russell Wilson instantly knew who Carroll was talking about and told 9News, with a smirk, that they won a lot of games without the wristband. He said he wasn’t aware that you won or lost because of wearing or not wearing a wristband

Wilson added that he did whatever it took for his team to be “rolling and moving,” and that he wore a wristband “a few times” depending on the team’s game plan. The Broncos quarterback did wear a wristband in the past, but only in his rookie season.

Wilson’s Broncos Struggle to Move the Ball

Wilson might not like it, but Carroll has a point. After all the drama of the Wilson-Seattle breakup, Geno Smith stepped in with his wristband on and made the Seahawks transition from one quarterback to another seamlessly. What’s more, the Seattle Seahawks have been performing above all expectations and currently lead NFC West, while Wilson and the Denver Broncos are struggling.

Wearing a wristband has proven to be a smart move for Smith, but it has also proven beneficial for many other NFL quarterbacks, including the great Tom Brady, who wears it week in and week out.

Considering that the Broncos only have three wins in eight matches and their offense not playing its best football, Wilson might want to take a leaf out of Geno Smith’s book and put that wristband on.