The Los Angeles Rams suffered their fifth defeat of the season at the hands of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With a 3-5 record, Sean McVay now has a job on his hands and he has to start by sorting the Rams’ offense.

The Rams have been held to under 25 points in seven of their eight NFL games so far. Even worse, their 16-13 loss against the Bucs marked the fifth time they failed to score at least 15 points.

So, it is understandable that fans are growing increasingly frustrated with the Rams’ offensive unit and Sean McVay is close to hitting the panic button, even though he is reluctant to go for it just yet.

McVay Admits He Is Part of the Problem Too

The Super Bowl-winning coach said in his post-match press conference that they won’t start panicking, but that adjustments needed to be made. McVay was sure of one thing, though. The Rams cannot continue playing like they have been doing so far. However, he admitted that he didn’t have the answers as to how they can do that.

The under-pressure coach refused to put the blame solely at his players’ doorstep and said that he was “a big part” of what was happening to the Rams. Just like everyone else in the Rams’ offense, the coach was aware he had to do better.

McVay told the press room that the first thing they would now do is “look inward” and see what they could do better to get more from their offense.

The Defense Should Not Have Gone Back on the Field

And while McVay may be struggling to find solutions for one department of the team, the other is as productive as it has always been. The Rams’ defense has been one of the best, if not the best, in the NFL in recent years, and has continued to play in much the same way this season.

They have kept Brady quiet for most of the game and had to bail out the offense on multiple occasions. However, with the offense kept going three and out all the time, even the most tenacious Rams defensive players got tired. Some of them even voiced their dismay. 

Corner Jalen Ramsey was the loudest after the Bucs’ loss saying that the defense should not have gone back on the field, as simple as that. Ramsey complained that players didn’t want to hear their coach telling them ‘We gonna need y’all one more time’ just minutes after they have made a big stop. 

The cornerback was really frustrated they had to go against Brady time and again, while the offense couldn’t do its fair share of the work. Ramsey was also angry that this wasn’t the first time the offense was letting the Rams down like this year.