The NFL has slapped Tom Brady with an $11,139 fine for trying to kick Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. Jarrett thought he sacked Brady in the fourth quarter in Tampa Bay’s 21-15 victory over the Falcons, but the play was deemed as roughing the passer. The fine won’t hurt Brady’s bank balance much, but it brought the quarterback a lot of unwanted media attention.

Brady Didn’t Like the “Long Unwelcome Hug”

Brady’s attempt to kick Jarrett came after the defensive tackle sacked him in the fourth quarter of the Bucs-Falcons game. Jarrett was quite pleased with the sack, as he thought it would change the course of the game, so he immediately jumped up from the ground and started celebrating. 

However, when he had to step over the man he sacked, Brady sent an upward kick in Jarrett’s general direction. And while Brady didn’t actually make contact with Jarrett, the intent in that kick was obvious enough for the NFL to fine him.

Brady sees the whole incident differently, though. When asked about the challenge after the game, he said that the hit felt like “a long unwelcome hug” from Jarrett. 

Jarrett Sure He Didn’t Break Any Rules

The Falcons’ defensive tackle didn’t agree with Brady’s assessment and thought he didn’t break any rules when sacking him. He also said that he understood Brady’s frustration. Jarrett claimed that, when done right, taking a quarterback down the way he did, even though very frustrating for the quarterback, is perfectly legal.

Despite Grady Jarrett thinking the Brady sack would change the game for the Atlanta Falcons, it really didn’t. Because the play was considered as roughing the passer, the Bucs benefited from a new set of downs. Tampa eventually triumphed 21-15. 

They definitely could have done without Brady’s fine, though. However, since $11,000 is pocket change for the Bucs star, he probably won’t dwell too long on the incident and subsequent fine and will be more focused on keeping his team on top of NFC South, where they are now.