Tom Brady is 45, but he still feels like he has got a point to prove with every new NFL season. The legendary quarterback recently said that because he was 45 years old “there was a lot of s–t going on” in his life, and many took that as a sign that he might be shifting his focus elsewhere. 

However, in his weekly Let’s Go! podcast, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quashed those claims and got a little philosophical too. Here’s what he said about life as a 45-year-old, the importance of family, and keeping that “competitive fire” burning.

When the Season Starts Brady’s Focus Shifts

Brady told Let’s Go! host Jim Gray that his goal in life was to appreciate the little things and to make the most of what you get. He said that his father told him that all he could do was the best he could do with the circumstances he was presented with.

For Brady, those circumstances include Jack, who is in high school and following in his father’s footsteps. His other son, Benjamin (12), daughter Vivian (9), and his parents are in his focus too. And then Brady mentioned other “off-field pursuits” that were important to him.

However, with the start of the NFL season, Brady said he locked in on what he needed to do and committed fully to the organisation so that they maximized their potential.

And even though Brady will be starting his 23rd season, he claimed that motivation was never an issue, as nothing could replace the rush of taking part in a “high-level, high-stakes competition.”

The seven-time Super Bowl winner said that the fact he could still play and enjoy it together with his teammates and fans resulted in some of the greatest moments of his life. So, he added that he planned to stay involved with the NFL for the rest of his life and that he was sure of that.

Using “Little Different Spites” as Motivation

Brady also addressed the Bucs’ offensive line and the criticism it received after the 13-3 defeat at the hands of the Tennessee Titans. He claimed that he told his teammates what everyone was saying about their performance so that he could motivate them to do better. The 45-year-old said he always used “little different spites” to motivate himself too.

Lastly, Brady commented on being named the NFL’s No 1 Player for the fourth time by saying that it would be incredible to be in the top 100 and a dream come true to be in the top 10. But when he saw that he was picked as No 1 again, he didn’t necessarily believe that. 

In Brady’s mind, he still has to go out there and prove himself every day. He even added, jokingly, that he really needed to earn the No 1 spot this season.