Von Miller has just joined the Buffalo Bills from the LA Rams but is already a fan favorite. From the moment he walked through the Bill’s door, the 33-year-old has been impressing everyone with his work ethic and has also been saying all the right things. 

The outside linebacker signed a US$120-million six-year contract with the Bills and said that he was “looking forward to playing the whole thing.” Now that’s a bold claim. 

Von Miller probably knows that not many NFL players see out their contracts. The fact that he is also on the wrong side of 30 makes that claim even braver.

However, in his Buffalo News interview, Miller was adamant that he will stay with the Bills for the entire length of his six-year contract, meaning he will play in Buffalo until he is 38 years old.

Emulating His Idols

The former LA Rams pass rusher said that both Tom Brady and Bruce Smith did that and that both of those players were his idols, especially when it comes to “longevity in careers.” Miller added that he took things one day at a time, but that he intended to play at least until he is 38.

Bruce Smith, a Buffalo Bills legend, signed a similar five-year deal with Washington at 37 after leaving the Bills in 1999, and he played the whole thing out. The US$23 million Washington contract was the second big deal Smith got in his 30s. He retired at 41 and ended an NFL career that spanned for 19 years. 

As for Tom Brady, he left the New England Patriots after they failed to agree on a contract, and, as everyone knows, he is still one of the top NFL players at the age of 44.

A Crucial Player for the Rams

Miller had a great regular season and an even better postseason with the LA Rams. The Rams won the Super Bowl and Miller was instrumental during the regular season and was absolutely phenomenal in the playoffs. 

During the regular season, Miller had 50 tackles, 17 quarterback hits, 9.5 sacks, and forced one fumble. He also notched 55 pressures and 47 hurries.

In the much shorter postseason, his numbers got significantly better. He had 14 tackles, 6 quarterback hits, 4 sacks, and forced one fumble. In only four postseason games, Miller’s 22 pressures were only bettered by Aaron Donald, who notched 23, and he topped the charts with 16 postseason hurries.   

Von Miller’s experience and numbers will be invaluable to his new team. However, what the Bills will benefit the most from is Miller’s commitment to the cause. The Bills have signed a player that will lead by example, and he obviously plans to do that for quite some time.