Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal will have some explaining to do after reportedly slapping a fan after an argument about a losing bet. The incident happened after the Washington Wizards lost 112-122 to the Orlando Magic at Amway Center.

According to documents that ESPN reportedly obtained from the police, while Beal and Wizards teammates were leaving the court and going to their locker room, an unidentified man accused Beal of making him lose $1,300.

Beal decided not to ignore the remark and turned around to face the man. When he came close to one of the man’s friends he hit him and knocked his hat off. He also made contact with the left side of his head.

Beal Can Be Charged with Simple Battery

After reviewing the video, police noted that Beal said that basketball was his job and he took it seriously, while the man apologized and said it wasn’t his intention to offend the player.

The report also stated that there was “probable cause” for Beal to be charged with “simple battery” and that charges would be filed with the state attorney. However, as of Tuesday, nothing has arrived in the state attorney’s office.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass said that the league was aware of the report, but that it was still gathering information. The Washington Wizards did not comment on the incident.