The Washington Commanders were rocked by the news that their rookie running back Brian Robinson received two gunshot wounds back in August. The rookie impressed during the preseason but was unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was the victim of an attempted carjacking days before the new NFL season started.

Bullets Missed Vital Parts

Fortunately, the running back avoided the worst and, against all odds, even though the bullets hit his knee, they missed Robinson’s knee tendons, ligaments, and bone, meaning there was no severe damage.

That was great news for the Washington Commanders back then. They have now received another boost. According to a source close to the player, his knee has healed and he is close to making his return and NFL debut.

Reports from the Commanders camp claim that the third-round pick worked with the team’s conditioning personnel simulating what it would be like to take part in an NFL game. Sources say the player did really well.

Commanders Fans Looking Forward to Robinson’s Return

Robinson’s quick recovery means that Antonio Gibson will soon lose his running back starting berth, something that Commanders fans will be happy about. Gibson averaged only 3.1 yards per rush attempt, so Robinson might enter the starting lineup sooner than he expects.

That does not automatically mean that the rookie running back will start the Week 5 game against the Tennessee Titans though. Despite the positive news, sources say that the player will likely use the week to practice and will wait for his readiness to be assessed before making his debut.

In addition to Robinson’s return, the Commanders have been given another boost. Their star defensive end Chase Young is on the reserve list with a torn ACL, but has been making good progress and is aiming for a return around Week 9.

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