Another Super Bowl winner has announced that he is stepping down from his duties in the retirement state. After Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, only to come out of it a month later, the quarterback’s decorated coach, Bruce Arians, has also announced that he is stepping down from his post.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach said that he was looking forward to now working in the team’s front office, and wished his successor, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, the best of luck going into the new season. 

Will Now Work as a Senior Football Consultant

Bowles, who was one of the highest-paid defensive coordinators in the league before this appointment, will get a five-year contract, according to Mike Garafolo from the NFL Network.

Bruce Arians, on the other hand, will now have more time to focus on his family and life away from the field, as he will take a senior football consultant position in the franchise.

In a team statement, Bucs owner Joel Glazer said that ever since he joined the team three years ago, Bruce’s goal was to create a winning culture and bring the Bucs community a Super Bowl success.

Mr Glazer said that he achieved both of those things and that everyone within the organization and community was “deeply appreciative” of what Arians had accomplished in his time with them.

Leaves a Better Team than the One He Got

The news that Arians would retire came as a shock to many Bucs fans, especially as he has never shown any indication that he was planning to retire after the 2021 season. However, Arians seems to have been thinking about stepping down for some time, and the statement he released on Wednesday night confirms this.

In his statement, the former Bucs coach said that he accomplished more than he dreamed he could and that winning Super Bowl LV with his family in the stands, was the last item that needed crossing out on his bucket list.

Coach Arians was happy that he was leaving a better team to Todd Bowles than the one he inherited and he credited the Glazers for the success the team achieved in recent years.

He was quick to say that his decision had nothing to do with his health and that he had never felt that good in years, reminding everyone that he would continue working and helping the Bucs, but in a different capacity.

Brady Coming Out of Retirement Influenced His Decision

Arians said that he started thinking about stepping down at the beginning of the offseason. However, before making his decision, he wanted to make sure he left his successor, Todd Bowles, with a great team, instead of setting him up for failure. 

As soon as Arians saw that the Glazer family kept the core of the team intact and heard that Brady was coming out of retirement, he knew that the moment to announce that he was stepping down had come.


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