Raiders’ wide receiver Davante Adams might be hit with a fine or even suspension after shoving a credentialed person to the ground. Adams later apologized to the man, but the NFL will probably not take kindly to one of its stars lashing out at on-field workers.

Adams Claims the Man “Jumped” in Front of Him

After the Las Vegas Raiders lost 30-29 to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, Adams went straight for the tunnel. However, while he was walking toward the Raiders’ dressing room, a credentialed worker appeared in front of him. 

Adams, slamming his helmet in frustration seconds before encountering the worker, pushed the man to the ground and continued to walk towards the tunnel without paying too much attention to what he had done.

Shortly afterward, during the postgame news conference, Adams apologized for bulldozing the man to the ground and talked about the whole incident. He said that before he talked about other things, he wanted to apologize to the man that “jumped” in front of him while he was running off the field at Arrowhead Stadium.

Frustration Got the Better Of Him

The former Green Bay Packers wide receiver added that he accidentally bumped into the man and pushed him, and he was sorry for that. Adams said that it was frustration after the defeat that got mixed with the credentialed person running in front of him that caused the incident. 

However, he was clear to point out that things like that shouldn’t happen and he shouldn’t have responded the way he did.

After the postgame press conference, Adams apologized to the man via Twitter too. He wrote that he “felt horrible immediately” after pushing the worker and that he wasn’t that type of a person.

Adams’ frustration stemmed from him scoring two long touchdowns and the Raiders still losing the game. It was also probably the result of a reception that got overturned in the 4th quarter on review. The game ended for the Raiders when Adams bumped into teammate Hunter Renfrow on an unsuccessful fourth down, a move that likely made Adams even more frustrated.

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