Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension has turned into an 11-game time-out from NFL games after the league reached an agreement with the NFL Players Association. The Browns quarterback will also have to pay a $5 million fine.

Watson, who violated the league’s policy for personal conduct, will also have to undergo evaluation and mandatory treatment, the NFL announced.

Back in Week 13 Against His Former Team

Watson’s extended suspension means that the Browns will be without their star quarterback from August 30, when the final roster is announced, until November 28. He will be able to make his Browns debut on December 4 (Week 13)when his current team plays the Houston TexansWatson’s former team.

Watson will also be banned from joining up with his teammates and visiting the Browns’ facility until October 10 and will only be allowed to resume training with the rest of the team on November 14. Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said the quarterback would no longer take part in preseason games.

A $7-Million Fund to Help Non-Profits Prevent Similar Crimes

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was confident Watson would work hard on himself so that he can rejoin the NFL after his suspension was over. The settlement the NFL and the NFLPA reached included evaluation and a treatment plan, Goodell said, in addition to “a more substantial suspension”, and a fine. 

The Commissioner also expressed his gratitude to Judge Robinson and NFL’s designee for the Watson case, Peter Harvey, for laying “the foundation” that enabled this conclusion.

The NFL and the Browns will both pitch in with $1 million each in addition to the $5 million Watson will pay. The resulting $7-million fund will be for the prevention of crimes like the ones Watson committed (sexual misconduct and assault.)

The NFL said the fund would help non-profit organizations in educating young people on how to get into healthy relationships, as well as prevent similar crimes from occurring and supporting survivors.

Promised to Become the Best Version of Himself

Deshaun Watson also came out with a statement. The quarterback said that he was grateful the disciplinary process against him ended and thanked everyone for the support they gave him throughout.

He once again apologized for the pain he caused and took full accountability for his decisions and actions. Watson said he would now work to “become the best version” of himself both on and off the field and that he was excited for his future in Cleveland. 

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