The NFL is looking to add more games to Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension. The league is asking for tougher punishment for Cleveland Browns’ star quarterback, and it has notified the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) of its decision to appeal the ruling.

The NFL said that Roger Goodell, the league’s commissioner, will decide whether he will hear the appeal himself or will appoint someone else, a designee, to do that. 

NFL Wants a Tougher Penalty

According to reports, the NFL is looking for a much tougher penalty for Watson and will appeal for at least a one-year suspension and a fine the quarterback will have to pay.

The player’s union can also appeal Judge Robinson’s ruling. However, the NFL Players Association said it won’t appeal regardless of the ruling and called the NFL to do the same.

However, the NFLPA can file a written response to the league’s appeal. According to Jeff Darlington from ESPN, the players’ union will sue the NFL in a federal court if the league decides to appeal Judge Robinson’s ruling.

Ruling Will Be Final and Binding

If, as expected, the NFL does go for the appeal option, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will decide whether he will appoint a designee or hear the appeal himself. After that, the league will set a hearing date.

Appeals must be based on “the evidentiary record” from Deshaun Watson’s hearing. New evidence or testimony should not be presented or considered during the process.

The NFL personal conduct policy stipulates that appeals must be processed on an “expedited basis.” However, there is no timeline for the NFL commissioner or the person he designates to hear the appeal to make a ruling. If and when a ruling is made, it will be final and binding, and all parties will have to respect it.

NFL’s decision to appeal the six-game suspension was announced at 4 pm ET on Wednesday. A Browns team official broke the news to Watson, who was on the field with his team. The Browns have not yet commented on the league’s decision to appeal the ruling.


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